Personalities Of Fairy Houses

When I start planning a miniature garden, I like to think about what accessory will be the focal point

When I start planning a miniature garden, I like to think about what accessory will be the focal point within the fairy garden scene. Since fairy houses are usually the most significant accessory that I add to my gardens, many times they become the focal point. I always try to focus on choosing tiny cottages that match the specific personality of the garden that I am creating. Considering the fairy house I pick, I begin selecting miniature plants, garden fairies, and homes that match the theme.

Miniature fairy houses are so unique and detailed that they almost tell the story of your green space all by themselves. I say this because in my experience, when I see specific homes, they remind me of my own life experiences, fairy tales, and stories told to me by others. When I initially saw ‘Cotswold Cottage,' it instantly reminded me of the story of Snow White and the cottage she stumbled upon in the forest that was occupied by seven eccentric dwarves. The story had so much personality to me that I truly wanted to add tiny animals and some garden gnomes, such as ‘Bashful Gnome Girl’ and ‘Iggy the Gnome’ to keep up with the magical theme in my miniature garden.

There are many great options when it comes to picking out new fairy houses for your outdoor space. For instance, the bright red barns make me picture horses standing stately in the pasture and roosters waking up with the sun. The barn that I like best is the ‘Country Red Barn with Light.' The building is clearly a barn, but it looks as though the structure is made out of a tree stump and it appears to be a barn designed specifically for our garden fairy friends who have a love of growing their food. One such fairy is ‘Bountiful Harvest Fairy,' a beautiful female fairy with braided hair, a peach dress, and a basket full of freshly picked vegetables. Other miniature fairy structures have personalities too, but they are not places to live in such as the ‘Daisy Diner,' which looks like the perfect lunch location to meet up with family, friends, or co-workers. The diner makes you think about pulling off a highway on a family vacation and grabbing a quick bite to eat before continuing down the road, or a daily lunch location where the regulars come and order the same meal each time they enter the building.

Every one of these buildings holds their own personalities that can fit into any storyline that you are trying to convey. I try to keep that in mind when I am planning miniature gardening accessories, and it becomes especially important when I am looking for fairy houses. Using the dwelling as a focal point is such a large piece of the story that I remind myself to put a little extra thought into its selection.

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