Witchy Women In The Fairy Garden

A witch has always been thought of as a woman who possesses magical powers, and they tend to lean toward the dark

A witch has always been thought of as a woman who possesses magical powers, and they tend to lean toward the dark

A witch has always been thought of as a woman who possesses magical powers, and they tend to lean toward the dark side of magic. Witches are often viewed as evil, but in my opinion, I think of witches as representative of nature, healing, and other things that were not well understood at the time. That is why when it comes to miniature accessories, they are the ideal candidate for a Halloween-themed miniature garden. Their love of nature makes them a perfect centerpiece to be surrounded by miniature plants.

When I started planning my next fairy garden, I wanted something for my annual front porch scene that matches the theme of witches. I usually have witch hats, broomsticks, pumpkins, and animals - to give it that magical feeling. However, I wanted to make sure that I designed a fairy garden, in which all the kids dressed up as goblins and ghouls could enjoy a treat just for them.  Every year our front porch gets bigger and more decorated and it becomes the backdrop for many family photos. I like adding in decorations so each picture will be something unique the families can share on social media or with their loved ones. 

Since our scene is designed for children, families, and the occasional witchy woman I wanted to make sure that my fairy garden would be full of tiny witches as well. I found a new group of them that I am absolutely obsessed with and I had to find a way to use. The first one is called ‘Sitting Witch, Bittersweet’, which shows a studious witch sitting on a stone while she is studying a spell book and enjoying the company of her black cat. She would be a perfect addition outside a miniature haunted house or near a tree in the forest.

The next one I had to use was ‘Sitting Witch, Violet’. She is a witch with a mischievous smile on her face and a black crow resting in her hands. I liked that she is also sitting on a large book and rocking a purple dress with a pointed black hat. When planning a miniature garden, there are so many fun ways to include these garden accessories to your design because the Sitting Witches can be added around a large bonfire, near a body of water, within a larger garden, or alongside a haunted looking fairy house. Each witch holds their own personality that you can interpret with their facial expressions, outfits, and what they are holding in their hands. Make sure that you keep up the witchy theme by adding broomsticks, black cats, spell books, and a cauldron that can make each miniature fairy garden special in its own way.

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