Five Tips To Fairy Gardening With Little Sprouts

The most important thing to remember when you start planning a fairy garden with your little sprout is to make it fun!

The most important thing to remember when you start planning a fairy garden with your little sprout is to make it fun!

The most important thing to remember when you start planning a fairy garden with your little sprout is to make it fun! Gardening provides excellent opportunities to have your child select some miniature accessories to create a simple space just for them. I have several friends who use 'planning a miniature garden' as a kid-friendly reward after their child completes a list of chores or aces a math test. When I speak to my friend’s children, they are always excited to recommend new items and ideas for my articles, because they love creating these gardens so much. I am frequently asked by my friends and family if fairy gardening is considered harmless for young children and I am always happy to say that it can be safe as long as you make wise choices. When I recommend miniature fairy gardening to a new family, I follow up with these five important tips:

1. Utilize quick and easy designs, so it is exciting and fun throughout the whole project.

2. Select ‘play scenes’ that will hold your children’s interest. Good examples of this are cars, trucks, fairies, animals, dragons, unicorns, or gnomes.

3. Small children prefer miniature accessories that hold realistic details and avoid comical faces. For example, select a fairy with a human-looking face or a dog that looks like the pet they have at home.

4. Use edible plants such as herbs to keep it as safe as possible for the little ones.

5. Remember safety first when you are selecting accessories, fairies, and fairy homes.

a.Do not choose any accessories that contain button batteries (they are toxic and easy to swallow).

b.Always ask to make sure that non-toxic materials were used to produce the miniature accessories.

c.Purchase accessories that are made of a non-breakable material (such as plastic instead of resin).

d.Whenever you select a miniature accessory, you need to choose ones that are sturdy.

e.Pick items that are too big to put in their mouths and swallow.

f.When they are little, make sure that you avoid anything electrical.

Do not ever worry about creating fairy gardens with your children as long as you follow the rules. Be careful and considerate when selecting containers, miniature accessories, plants, and fairy houses. As parents, we are all programmed to dissect every item for any potential danger, so keep that instinct in mind when you are shopping for your next mini fairy garden with little sprouts.

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