A Day In The Life Of A Miniature Garden Gnome

Some of the best days of my life involved diving into silly and fun projects with my mom.

Some of the best days of my life involved diving into silly and fun projects with my mom.

Some of the best days of my life involved diving into silly and fun projects with my mom. She is a certified craft master who can usually create “one of a kind” masterpieces with whatever material she has available. That is why mom was so excited to start planting miniature gardens with me; it was another opportunity for both of us to express ourselves. During the past few years, we created gardens in tea cups, barrels, and giant flower pots. We started with selecting miniature accessories of garden fairies, fairy houses, and flowering miniature plants. Eventually, mom and I wanted to work with a different subject matter. The two of us are both big fans of fairy tales and fantasy stories and because of that; we wanted minis that would support these themes. Instantly we knew what to do after reading an article about miniature gardening with gnomes as an alternative to fairies.

The stories that go along with gnomes are usually more down to earth and along the same fantasy lines as dwarves, dragons, pixies, wizards, and knights. There can be a human aspect to their stories that I cannot help but fall in love with the illusion.

When I started working with gnomes as part of my miniature gardens, I wanted to capture a moment where these creatures, with prominent personalities, were the star of their very own garden space.  To be fair, gnomes love outdoor areas just as much as fairies, but they tend to lean toward darker parts of the forest that are untouched by the world. I began by selecting a gnome that I thought had a lot of personality such as the “Gnome Boy with a Bird Hat” since he has a mischievous look on his face. This little gnome is wearing a red hat with a little friendly blue bird resting on top. I liked that he looked as if there was a mystery and he was up to something not sanctioned by the fairies. Then I wanted to add a pixie, such as “Pixie with Bunny,” since the relationship shared by all of these fantasy creatures is part of the story. Next,I selected a small, bright-colored dragon to add a pop of color to the fairy garden such as “Dragon Playing with a Butterfly,” which shows a friendly young dragon crouched down as if pouncing on a small white butterfly.

I placed all of these items within a miniature garden surrounded by miniature plants, which simulate large trees deep in a forest, to accurately showcase the personalities of these three mystical creatures. I wanted to keep this garden simple because there were more creatures in it than I normally add. However, if you have additional miniature accessories you want to include in your garden, do not hesitate. Remember, an essential part of miniature fairy gardening is to have a lot of fun and try to keep the garden readable.

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