Polished Concrete Is The Hot New Trend In Interior Designing

When you think of concrete floors, it does not bring any beauty, colors, creativity or magic to your eyes.

Polished_Concrete_in_Kansas_CityThe only image that flashes your mind is a dull grey color, a dark half-built building without any paint. But, do you think that this is the same case for everyone? Definitely not! For some people, acid stained concrete floors create a magical picture. 

With the right blend of technology and creativity, concrete floors can become attractive and appealing. Several technological advancements have made way for special treatments that can turn the dull color into something beautiful. With a polished concrete in Kansas City, you can turn those tall scary concrete buildings to glossy, shiny, and unbelievably attractive ones. 

A Touch of Luxury 

If you are thinking to give your home a modern look with a touch of luxury, you must go for concrete polishing. When you run a heavy-duty concrete polishing machine over the already installed concrete floor, it removes the sand and dust from the floor and creates a stunning look. By having a polished concrete floor, you can recreate the floors of your basement, kitchen, garage and more. This can leave a lasting impression on your guests, and when done correctly, your place will become a heaven on earth. 

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

  • With polished concrete floors, cleaning is not a headache at all. You need only a mop and a duster to remove dust settled in between cracks. Unlike traditional flooring options, you don’t require any harsh chemicals and scented phenols to clean the floor. 
  • Since polished concrete materials are made up of mixtures that are not carbon neutral, they are environment-friendly. These floors do not lose its charm to humidity and moisture and avoid any bacterial growth. 
  • Polished concrete floors make your home look much brighter, and you don’t have to add some extra lights. This characteristic is mainly because polished concrete floors absorb sunlight and reflects light. 

Different Options to Customize Concrete Floors

  • When it comes to polished concrete floors, there are plenty of customizing options available. You can choose the design, color, patterns of your own choice and let your creativity flow. 
  • Polished concrete floors create a classy, expensive look with less money spent. 
  • To increase the durability of the polished floor, apply concrete thickener during the polishing process. 
  • Concrete thickener not only improves the durability of the floor but also fills up the pores and makes the floor stain resistant. 

Do you have a grand, widespread hall and wish to add a unique style statement? Then polished concrete floors are the ideal option. Today, more and more homeowners choose to prefer concrete polishing in Kansas Cityto other traditional flooring options as they have the possibility of creating a floor design, which is unique to them and their property. 

The author of this article is the leading provider of safe and durable polished concrete solutions. In this article, he writes about the importance of choosing polished concrete flooring and the different options available to customize polished concrete in Kansas City. Visitkansascityconcretesolutions.com for more information.

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