Why Move To London If You Love Spooky Places

If you love scary movies and creepy tales, London is the best city to relocate to.

Do you love creepy experiences, urban exploration and haunted gravesites? You are in a luck, London has all of that and much more. You don't have to go far from the city centre to find a supposed vampire resting place or terrifying ancient catacombs.

When Vampires Move to London

Highgate Cemetery is one of the spookiest places in London. There are tales of vampires and monsters who dwell in its shadows. Crazy satanic cults have made rituals and sacrifices on its grounds.

One time in its long history mobs of vampire hunters patrolled around the gravestones in search of the bloodthirsty creatures.

The cemetery opened in 1839 and since that inspired famous writers and filmmakers all around the globe. Its tombs and gravestones are built in a mix between Egyptian and Victorian Gothic Style and are really a piece of art. Amongst the residents of the Highgate Cemetery, you can find the gravestone of Karl Marx, Douglas Adams and James Holman. A good thing to know when visiting is that photography is strictly controlled and you won't be allowed to make videos or commercial photo shoots.

The Outcast Dead

Not everything was glamour and beauty in Medieval London. In the outskirts of the city, hidden from the public eye is the Cross Bones Graveyard. This was the place for all forgotten by society, mostly dumped in mass graves, without a gravestone or any kind of marker. The cemetery was closed in the mid 19th century but recent excavations and restorations had started. The Cross Bones graveyard was known as the "single-women's" graveyard due to the fact that most of its occupants were prostitutes or “witches.” Nowadays the site is open for visitors, and its metal fences are decorated with colourful ribbons and memorial plaques. Every Halloween there are many unofficial gatherings and events throughout its grounds. One a place of deep sorrow and loneliness, now the graveyard is one of the most famous places in London. If you happen to visit the capital search for it in South London.

Afternoon walk in the Oldest Park Cemetery

Imagine that you just purchased a home in Kensal Green in London. All the hassle and stress from the long home relocation has just settled down and you want to have a nice walk in the park or enjoy some family time doing something fun. Why not visit the famous Kensal Green Cemetery and Catacombs? This may sound strange but this graveyard is part of the Magnificent seven - a group of cemeteries know for their amazing architecture and beautiful parks. Opened in the early 19th century Kensal Green as well as Highgate is one of London's first modern cemeteries. They are constructed in a manner allowing the individual landscaping of the grave site. Kensal Green is the place to be buried if you have even one drop of noble blood or you have enough money in the bank. The cemetery holds around 65 000 graves and 1700 tombs and monuments. The Cemetery Park is 72 acres, and you can find all sorts of local flower and tree species.

There Is a Place for Everyone

Pets were always an important part of our lives, and it is only natural to want the best for them even in death. The Londoners from the Victorian era had the same in mind when Hyde Park Pet Cemetery opened its doors for their beloved animal companions. The site stayed open until the mid 20th century when it ran out of space. The cemetery is a final resting place to hundreds of cats, dogs, birds and at least a couple of monkeys. Unfortunately today the cemetery is closed for public visitations and the only way to arrange and pre-book a tour with the Royal Parks.

The Cemetery Experiment

During the construction of the Magnificent cemeteries, a new innovative idea was born in the minds of the Victorian architects. They wanted to construct a peculiar mix between a botanical garden and a final resting place thus the Abney Park Cemetery was created. The gravesite is occupying 32 acres, and it is filled with all sorts of trees and plants from around the world. In modern times the cemetery is managed by the Abney Park Trust that takes care of its amazing flora. The burials are held in rare occasions and the cemetery is turned mostly into a beautiful park filled with century-old trees and greenery. There are no limitations regarding taking pictures, so we encourage you to visit it on your day off.

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