Top Tips For Choosing The Best Paint Colours

A woman choosing the best paint colours in NZ after learning about these tips.
A woman choosing the best paint colours in NZ after learning about these tips.

To help you pick the right ones, we explore helpful tips for choosing paint colours in NZ.

Are you ready to transform your living spaces into vibrant works of art? Finding the right paint colours in NZ makes all the difference, turning a bland room into a cosy retreat or a dull exterior into a stunning façade. In the Land of the Long White Cloud, selecting colours that harmonise with the natural beauty surrounding us is essential. So, grab your paintbrushes and join us as we explore valuable tips for choosing the best paint colours in NZ.

Embrace Nature's Palette

New Zealand boasts breath-taking scenery, from lush green forests to stunning coastal vistas. Take inspiration from the beauty surrounding you and consider incorporating nature's palette into your paint choices. Create a harmonious blend between your interior or exterior space and the natural environment by choosing soothing blues, earthy greens, warm yellows, and serene whites.

Consider Climate and Lighting

Our diverse climate significantly impacts the way colours appear both indoors and outdoors. Take a moment to assess the lighting conditions in your space. For sun-drenched rooms, opt for cooler colours to counterbalance the warmth. In dimly lit areas, choose lighter hues that reflect more light. Understanding how lighting interacts with colours can help you make more informed decisions and achieve the desired atmosphere.

Reflect Your Personality

Your home should reflect your unique personality and style. While trends come and go, choosing paint colours that resonate with you is important. Think about the feelings and emotions you want to evoke in each room. If you're a lover of bold, vibrant shades, don't shy away from using them. Ultimately, the space should make you feel comfortable and truly at home.

Test Before Committing

Don't be afraid to test your paint colours before committing to a large-scale project. Paint samples on small sections of walls or use removable peel-and-stick paint samples to visualise how colours will look in your space. Lighting conditions vary throughout the day, so observe how the colours change under different natural and artificial light sources. Taking the time to test will help you avoid costly mistakes and find the perfect shade.

Consider the Mood

Colours have the power to influence mood and create specific atmospheres. Think about the desired mood for each room before making your selection. For example, serene blues and greens create a peaceful ambience in bedrooms or home offices. On the other hand, vibrant oranges and yellows can add energy and liveliness to communal areas like kitchens and living rooms. Don't underestimate the impact of colour psychology in setting the right tone for your space.

Complement Existing Elements

When choosing paint colours, consider your current furniture, flooring, and architectural features; how the new colours will interact with these elements? Aim for a cohesive look. For example, if you have warm-toned wooden floors in your kitchen, choosing complementary warm colours can create a sense of unity and balance. Meanwhile, cooler colours contrast sharply against dark furniture or stainless-steel appliances.

Seek Professional Advice

If you're unsure or overwhelmed by the wide array of paint colours available, don't hesitate to seek professional advice. Paint stores and interior designers can provide valuable insights and help you narrow your choices based on your specific requirements and preferences. They have extensive experience and can guide you toward the colours to make your space shine. Remember to have fun and experiment with different colours until you find the perfect ones for your home. Happy painting!

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