How Apple Traps You In Their Almost Inescapable Ecosystem

No matter what people say about Apple, it’s a very smart company.

My friends and I were talking about it the other day.

We were talking about how Apple intentionally made all its products compatible with one another.

For examples,

With the AirDrop feature, you can directly transfer files from one device to another without using emails or external storage drives.

With iCloud, you can easily access your files from any Apple device.

And, in my opinion, their coolest feature is the Universal Clipboard. Meaning, you can copy text or images on one device and paste it on a different one.

These massive conveniences are one of the biggest reasons why people own multiple Apple products. And for working professionals, it makes their workflow so seamless.

In fact, it’s so convenient to the point where people, who are already deep in Apple’s ecosystem, almost think that they can’t live without them.

That’s why the only Apple product I own is the iPhone. And hopefully, it stays that way because I know the moment I take one step further into Apple’s ecosystem, it’s going to be difficult (and expensive) to leave it.

But for them, it’s great because they’re able to cross-sell their products extremely well. Just look at some people around you. If someone is an iPhone user, chances are they own a Macbook, an Apple Watch, Airpods, iPad, or all of the above.

I’ve seen businesses, especially in the Info Marketing industry, where they do something similar.

They offer many different courses and other products that build on top of each other, but they’re still valuable as a standalone product. And not so surprisingly, they do pretty well with their sales.

Just a useful thing to keep in mind. Hopefully you’ll get some new ideas out of it.

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