People Nowadays Would Much Rather Listen To Cover Songs

A few weeks ago, I attended a virtual Chinese New Year event hosted by a school club that I’ve been a part of since 2019.

Though, it wasn’t the same as hosting the event in-person, it was still fun.

There were plenty of activities to keep us, the virtual audience, entertained. There were games, dancers and singers performing.

Actually, one of the singers that performed was in an interview that I listened to a few days ago.

At one point during the interview, he and the interviewer were discussing today’s music content on YouTube.

They were specifically talking about singers who do cover songs. And while a lot of singers on YouTube can do cover songs really well, when it comes to creating original songs, it’s not as great.

Let me explain further.

If you don’t know, cover songs are existing songs sung by other singers. They may copy it entirely, but usually they include their own twist. But the thing is, everything is already laid out for them. They don’t have to worry about creating the instrumental, the melody, and the lyrics. But when it comes time for them to create their own music, they struggle to meet their audience’s expectations because they haven’t practiced their own creativity enough.

That’s why a lot of people on the Internet would much rather listen to a small or independent artist’s cover songs than their originals nowadays. But there are a handful of small artists that are the exceptions. People listen to their cover songs and naturally discover their original songs. And now, those artists are known for their original songs.

This same concept applies to any other craft.

Especially email copywriting.

If you rely heavily on using mediocre email templates or even copy other people’s emails, then when it comes to writing your own emails, they may not turn out so well (Unless you’re smart enough to study other people’s emails).

That’s where How to Become an Email Titan comes in. It’s a book I wrote and published that teaches you the basic principles of email copywriting so you can write good, engaging sales emails.

And although I included some of the past emails I’ve written, they’re certainly not for you to copy.

Here’s the link to get the sample chapters.

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