It Feels Good To Be The Boss

Why? Because it allows you to have more control over the work you do in your business.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with the Head of Marketing of a beauty and skincare company, and I asked her about her prior marketing work experiences.

She told me that she started out in a marketing agency. And even though she got exposed to a lot of different aspects of marketing, in her own words, the work hours were insane because she had to meet the demands of the agency’s clients.

She just did whatever the clients told her to do. A lot of experience gained, but very little creative freedom.

Then she moved to another position where she did some branding work, which was a little more enjoyable.

She was able to contribute her own ideas and put them into action, and have somewhat of an impact on a company’s marketing growth.

But being the Head of Marketing is the position where she feels the most happy.

Not only does she like the way the company takes care of her and the other employees, but she has a direct impact on the company’s marketing efforts.

And that’s the same power you have when you run your own business. Even if you’re in the business where you work with clients, you can choose who you want to work with and set your own boundaries.

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