Probably Another Article Addressing The Outage Of Facebook And Instagram

It's a good thing I don't use social media much.

I checked my emails this morning and a lot of people were talking about how Facebook and Instagram were down for a good six hours yesterday.

And while people were panicking about not getting their daily dose of social media, I was outside enjoying the real life.

Specifically, I visited a cafe with a group of friends and played board games for hours on end.

One friend introduced me to a game he was obsessed with called Betrayal at House on the Hill.

And I have to say this.

Out of all the board games I played in my life so far, this one has been the most fun.

So fun to the point where I felt myself getting so sucked into the game that I almost completely forgot that I was still in a cafe.

I won’t give a detailed explanation of the game here, unless you want to be sitting and reading this for an hour. Instead, I’ll give a short list of what this game entails that makes it so fun:

1. Unpredictability

The game involves exploring a haunted house. As you move through doors, you build a room by picking a random tile from the pile, which means each time you play the game, the layout of the house will be different.

2. Packed with stories

There are two booklets that contain 50 different scenarios, which adds to the variety of gameplay.

3. Role-playing factor

You play as a certain character, which sucks you further into the world of the haunted house.

And the good news is, all of the things on that list can help enhance your email marketing and copywriting.

If you want to learn more about said topic, my book, How to Become an Email Titan, goes into more detail on it.

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