Lead Generation Marketing Strategies And Tactics

In this article, I will share all my lead generation marketing strategies and tactics so that you can adapt them to your

In this article, I will share all my lead generation marketing strategies and tactics so that you can adapt them to your agency and generate quality leads for your business.

Running an agency business is a tough job. I have been running an agency specialising in landing pages and marketing automation for the past five years.

Thankfully I took some right decisions at the right time, which helped us achieve growth without any external investment.

Niching Down

niching down

Before sharing our lead generation marketing strategies and tactics, I want to share why we got down. While starting my web agency business, I immediately realised that we have to stand out as experts.

I loved web design, but I saw hundreds of others offering the same thing, so to be different, I decided to focus on one niche, and that's where our landing page design and build service is our focus. 

Lead Generation Marketing strategies and strategies that we use to generate leads for our agency.

1. SEO Traffic


Organic traffic has been the most extensive lead generating system since our inception. Although you must have heard this countless times that you need to SEO etc. But let me give you a run of steps we took:

  1. As I mentioned, we niched down to only offer landing pages, so our messaging on our website was very clear. 
  2. We started looking at low-volume low-competition keywords related to landing pages,

e.g. landing page cms, landing page vs website, webinar landing page etc. So in no time, we created web pages and blog articles focusing on these keywords.

2. SEO – Technical Checklist

SEO technical checklist

We also made sure that Google crawls our website frequently and checks all technical SEO boxes.

E.g. Our web pages load in less than a second; We do not have any crawl errors, all our pages are SEO optimised and needless to say, all pages are highly responsive. One of the key metrics Google watches these days.

So over the years, after adding hundreds of blog posts and service pages, we started ranking for competing keywords like landing page agency.

3. SEO – Important Things to Consider

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