Difference Between Magento 2 Website, Store, And Store View

Magento has 4 levels of hierarchy: Global, Website, Store, and Store View. Here we'll find differences between Magento 2

Most Magento store owners are clueless about how Magento's backend works. Especially it’s true in the case of Magento 2 Website, Store, and Store View. It can confuse anyone while finding differences between them or while configuring Magento backend with them.

For your convenience, I’ve explained their differences in the easiest way along with their most typical use cases. Keep Reading!

Both, Magento Open-source and Magento Commerce have 4 levels of hierarchy: Global, Website, Store, and Store View. Magento allows you to manage multiple websites and stores with a single backend. Magento's hierarchy map looks like a pyramid and is complicated to understand.

It’s common that each website can have multiple stores and store views. In Magento 2, Websites, Stores, and Store Views can have one parent and multiple child relationships. It’s possible for a Magento Store owner to categorize this hierarchy in multiple systems, which means that multiple websites can be developed under a single Magento installation.

Example: On a Magento Website, Multiple Magento stores are present and each store is further subdivided into multiple store views in different languages.

Let’s start on the Difference between Magento 2 Website, Store, and Store View to expand your knowledge.

Difference Between Magento 2 Website, Store, and Store View:

As I Mentioned Earlier, Magento 2 has a 4-level hierarchy: Global, Website, Store, and Store View. So, it’s time to get knowledge of their differences and their possibilities.


Global is the top level of Magento’s Hierarchy Pyramid. and for the brand new Magento Website which has never been configured, The global view's default settings are required to be applied. The Magento hierarchy has only one global view. It doesn’t have the capability to allow you to multiply them, although other levels do.

With Global, you can set 3 options that will remain the same for all your stores. and they’re;

  • Stock: Configure the main product settings.
  • Pricing: Specify a consistent price for products in each store.
  • Buyers: Combines customer data from websites and stores into one massive database.

It belongs to the entire installation. Hence, any action taken on Global will have an impact on the entire pyramid.

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