How To Save Push Notifications For Mobile Games From Pitfalls

Push notifications can be a powerful tool for mobile game developers to engage and retain players.

For years, push notifications have been a great tool for marketers to ensure user engagement and long-term retention. By the end of 2022, the total count of mobile apps in the Google App Store was 2.68 million. (Statista)

Overcrowded apps are different from the story of the Google Play Store. It is applicable for both the Android and iOS app stores. So, without innovative strategies like push notifications, it becomes difficult for app developers to make their mobile apps stand in crowd. Mobile gaming apps are not out of it. Push notification for mobile games are the viable marketing strategy for game developers and studios to increase player retention. Nearly all the giant game development services worldwide have been adopting push notifications to engage their players innovatively. For example, "You have an appointment with the daily puzzle. Don't be late." This innovative push notification is of Wordscape.

You are considering a partnership with one of the SaaS companies in India to groom your game development process. That is okay. But what about your game marketing?

Although attracting the crowd to your games sounds easier in the game development paradise, gamer engagement and retention are the two hot issues. Video game designers implement high-tech graphics, gameplay, interactivity, immersion, Etc., to grab your audience's attention and drive enormous traffic to your website. But how to ensure their return to your website or game?

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Here comes the efficacy of push notifications for mobile games. However, the path is not that smooth. Your audience must agree with your messages. Here, we will discuss a few aspects to help you in saving your push notification efforts from going to pitfalls.

Why are Push Notifications for Mobile Games so Crucial?

The push notification market worldwide will escalate to 31,920 million by 2025 (OpenPR)

So, push notifications are pretty popular around the globe. Push notifications are messages that marketers send to users to drive revenue and make audience relationships better. Push notifications, if crafted well, will get users back to the mobile app or website. 

  • Push notifications for mobile gamesare an effective tool to seize the audience's attention.
  • They help in maximizing user attention.
  • They help game studios promote quick-to-the-point alert and call to action.
  • Push notification is a great way to deliver game updates, offers, and other news to gamers.
  • Crisp and short notifications nudge the gamers to take necessary actions against the alerts.

Saving Push Notifications for Mobile Games from Pitfalls

If conducted well, push notifications for mobile games can increase revenues astoundingly. On the other hand, if you dive into push alerts with poor research and a lack of strategies, they will lead you to failure. You can save your push notification campaign in the following ways:

Keep The Notifications As Opt-In Request

Some gamers play games out of passion, while many jump on casual or hyper-casual games out of boredom. Imagine you are a gamer or a commuter seeking a brilliant game that will jolt your energy level. But, once you open the game app recently installed, you receive push notifications, turning your enthusiasm into irritation.

If you want your gamers to return to your game, first, you must add value to their experience. Unless you value your audience's experience, why would they care to return to your game? The art of game design must allow the gamers to enjoy the gameplay first and then decide whether they want push notifications from your side. Before you push notifications to your audience, ask for their permission.

Never Distract the Gamers from the Fundamental Flow

An undisputed game flow is one of the critical reasons for a game's success. The player's zeal and concentration are at the top of the pedestal; the game flow is at its peak. In such a situation, when a gamer's spirit is on fire, a notification pops up on the window; it is a promotional message.

What would you think? Would the notification push your sale? It will shatter the gamer's focus on the game. Your gamer will hardly think of coming back to your game. You have to refine your communication strategy.

What Your Gamers Prefer for Interaction

Compared to other entertainment stereotypes, the video game industry holds a higher margin for communication and interaction. Games requiring regular interactions like wheel spin, unlocking levels, etc., require a strong communication strategy. So, the game design and development has to bring out a robust communication and interaction strategy that will offer a seamless experience to the gamers. Your notifications should not annoy your gamers but enhance your customer relationship. Try to find out what your gamers prefer, being notified daily or weekly.

Try to Think of a New Way of Notifications

Video game designers are one of the most creative people on the earth. But, most of the time, designers and developers confine their creativity to video gameplay. Rather than going for the generic ways of messaging your players, why don't you dig some creative and innovative ways out of your brain to make your push notification efforts the most effective? So, think beyond conventional and generic messaging.

Wrapping up

To conclude, if you want to push the limitations of your game marketing campaign, push notifications for mobile games suit you best. Many video game publishers have already tapped push alerts to engage the audience innovatively. Game development services include push alerts in their game marketing service segment. This rise in push notifications indicates their value in video game marketing. However, take your time with push notifications. First, research and adopt the best push alert practices to boost revenue.

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