What Is Cyber Fraud?

The rise of the digitization of companies and, consequently, the electronic procedures has led to an increase in crime.

The rise of the digitization of companies and, consequently, the electronic procedures has led to an increase in cyber fraud and data theft cases. When buying items or selling counterfeits, online scams are some of the most frequent cases. The searches related to this problem have therefore suffered a notable increase.

But What Is a Cyber Fraud?

The definition of cyber fraud is simple, a hoax or scam, but it is carried out through the internet. We currently know 4 types of cyber fraud:

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First, we find the cases in online purchases. In addition to piracy, we see false categorizations of the products that do not comply with the offered characteristics. In all cases, contact information is omitted, leaving the victims helpless and without the possibility of claiming a refund.

We recommend constantly reviewing the security certificate, the use of "HTTPS," and the green padlock, which guarantees our data encryption. Finally, always read the opinions of other users and do not be fooled by promotions with remarkably low prices.


This form of scam consists of fraudulently obtaining confidential information by posing as a trusted company and asking for personal or financial information. This type of fraud occurs through email, social media, or even calls.


Unlike phishing, pharming manipulates website traffic to redirect users to malicious but similar-looking sites. Once inside, the software is downloaded that steals sensitive information such as passwords or bank details.


Carding is based on the fraudulent use of other people's credit cards. Usually, the process begins with a call; the operator requests a credit card number or email. Once in the attacker's power, he makes purchases repeatedly and gradually so as not to arouse suspicion.

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