Sun And Scuba: The Best Dive Sites In Mallorca

There are few better diving locations than Mallorca. Airport transfers are widely available...

Diving is one of the most fascinating, well regarded and serenely beautiful activities that can fulfil the most ardent desires of adventurous holidaymakers. Mallorca is one of the best places to enjoy that.

Mostly located in the west and south-east parts of Mallorca are sumptuous underwater areas. These are six of the best sites. And they’re great for both experienced professionals and total beginners – there are plenty of guided dives too, allowing everyone the opportunity to see a world few are lucky enough to visit. Mallorca truly is a heaven on earth.

Isla Malgrats

Just off the western tip of the island is Isla Malgrats. In 2004 it became a nature reserve, and the preservation has paid dividends for the quality of the wildlife. A deliberately sunken ship has been colonised by coral, attracting diverse fish populations, making it an excellent dive site. Its proximity makes it one of the easiest to reach too – in fact you could probably reach Malgrats directly from one of your Mallorca airport transfers! 

Illa del Toro

El Toro is possibly the most famous marine reserves around. Set around a steep underwater rock face that plunges nearly 50m down, there are small caves and indents that house the type of biodiversity people only usually see on television. Home to octopuses, eels, a plethora of multi-coloured fish – this is a must see for those harbouring a passion for wildlife!

Pirate Cave

Set in a submerged cave system to the east of the island is this network of waterways, lakes and dive sites. The water is crystalline and a local guide can take you through chamber by chamber. All the while the cave walls are decorated by incredible dripstone formations and that alluring way that watery light twinkles off rock.


Cabrera, an island south of Mallorca, hosts one of the most beautiful locations available. That’s because of strict conservation regulations that restrict the numbers of underwater tourists. Only two dives are allowed per day so  booking ahead is key to avoiding disappointment.

Because Cabrera is a little further out, there are bigger creatures to spy: dolphins, turtles, barracuda shoals, all contained within sublime 90m cliff drops. It’s definitely worth the advance planning.

Palma Wrecks

Underneath busy ferry routes in the bay of Palma lie a few large shipwrecks that are now home to shoals of fish – and so big they can be explored. It’s off the beaten track in a way that few of the others sites here can boast. The spot is spectacular but because visibility is often limited, it’s is only really suitable for experienced divers.


Possibly the most versatile region is beside the island of Dragonera, with beautiful areas for experienced divers and beginners alike. Set on a plateau from which one can sometimes see far out into the ocean, are conserved reefs littered with coral, anemones, sponges and the vibrant life that call these flora cities their homes; there are also wrecks and caves. It’s a great representation of the versatility that Mallorca diving can offer.

How to get there

Mallorca is a very popular destination for British tourists: direct flights take off from all over Britain. Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways and Iberia all boast routes that take, from London, just two and a half hours. 

Mallorca airport transfers are readily available on the island so make sure you pre-book your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about how to describe the whereabouts of your hotel in Spanish to a kerbside taxi driver.

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