Cheap And Chilly Family Fun: Igloo-building In La Plagne

Up above the fantastic family ski resort of La Plagne (just three hours from the airport with Shuttle Direct’s Geneva Airport ski transfers) is a snowy delight for kids of all ages: a village made entirely of ice. The Blacksheep’s Igloo Village has its own icy restaurant, as well as private rooms if you and your family are brave enough to stay the night!

The snow domes of the igloo village serve as the perfect inspiration for family fun back in the resort. So why not challenge your family to a truly unique adventure: building your own snow den? Here’s our guide to constructing an igloo in La Plagne this winter.

Getting Started

First and foremost, remember to stay realistic. Building an ice structure is not a quick thing and will take at least a few hours, so if your kids are young, you might want to complete your project over several days. You can, however, save a great deal of time by building your igloo on a slope or beside a mound so that at least one of your ‘walls’ is already in place.

Once you’ve picked your spot, plot out your igloo’s size by making a circle in the snow. Don’t be too ambitious: if your chosen area is too big, the domed roof won’t hold – not to mention that you’ll spend most of your holiday cutting out ice blocks to build your structure!

Cutting Your Snow Bricks

To create the bricks for your igloo, use the compacted snow from inside your circle and – using a shovel – cut out blocks of around 1 m long by 38 cm wide and 20 cm thick. All of the bricks you use in your igloo should come from the circular floor area; that way you are digging down as well as creating bricks to build up.

Level the Bricks as You Go

As you place your bricks, smooth the surface of the wall at an inclining angle so that the dome will start to slope inwards. Any gaps between bricks can be filled with loose snow, which is a great job for younger kids who are eager to get involved. You’ll notice that as the dome is created, your blocks will need to get smaller. Adapt them as you need to, and then create a final ‘cap’ or round brick for the final piece of the dome.

As you are building from the inside, you’ll probably notice at this point that you’re trapped inside an igloo with no door! Don’t panic, though: once you’ve smoothed all the sides to help the bricks hold together, you’ll be able to cut out a door.

Warning: Be sure to create little air vents as you go along – this will prevent CO2 poisoning.

Finishing Off

This is the fun bit! Get the kids to smother the outside of your igloo with snow and smooth it out. This will make your igloo stronger and more likely to last throughout your holiday.

Getting There

Getting to La Plagne couldn’t be easier, thanks to regular flights from the UK that land at Geneva Airport. Ski transferstake around three hours, and can take you from the airport directly to your accommodation. For a range of budget and premium Geneva Airport ski transfers, simply book online with Shuttle Direct before you leave home and one of our drivers will be waiting to meet you when you land.

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