New Zealand’s Lone Tree Of Lake Wanaka

Why not visit one of the world’s biggest attractions?

Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Empire State Building. While none of these are in New Zealand, they are among some of the most visited and photographed tourist attractions in the world…along with New Zealand’s very own Wanaka Tree (it’s really a Willow Tree)! Yes, you read right! A tree in the country has gained just as much attention as some of the world’s greatest attractions and the locals are simply delighted (and a little amused too). 

You might not have thought of scrounging around for the best cheap flights to New Zealand just to see this tree, but you certainly would be missing out if you visited the country and didn’t stop by to see it in person, snap a few pictures of your own and enjoy the simply stunning natural scenery that surrounds it. 

More About The Wanaka Tree 

The history of the Wanaka Tree is quite interesting. It was actually a fence post some 80 years ago. A fence post that sprouted new life and grew into the tree it is today. The tree, which offers an artistic crooked growth pattern, is found very near to the shore of Lake Wanaka in Roys Bay with the towering mountains of the Mt Aspiring National Park as its backdrop. 

Often, when the water level is low, visitors can walk out to the tree. When the water level is high, the tree is surrounded by the lake and provides an absolutely stunning sight.

If You’re Booking Flights To New Zealand, The Wanaka Tree Is A Must-See

The Wanaka Tree is not only popular with travel and tour companies. It has also become a social media sensation with its very own hashtag which is  #thatwanakatree and of course, its own dedicated Facebook page. 

Visitors have no trouble getting to the viewpoint, in fact, it’s just a short stroll around the lake. Those who want to spend a bit of time in the beautiful area often take picnic baskets and blankets to rest a bit while enjoying the view.

Best Time To Book Flights To New Zealand To See That Wanaka Tree

It’s safe to say that you cannot go wrong at any time of the year. It’s always a good time to visit the Wanaka Tree. Rain, shine, winter, summer, it really doesn’t matter. It seems to be a hit all year round. And that’s lucky for travelers who want to squeeze in a visit to the site while on holiday or visiting family in the country. 

Because it’s a famous attraction, you are bound to find a crowd at any given time. It’s a great reason to enjoy a picnic while you wait for your turn for the perfect shot of the tree and the surrounding lake. 

What Else Is There To Do Near Lake Wanaka in Roys Bay, New Zealand?

If you’re heading out to Roys Bay to check out the Wanaka Tree, you might want to spend some time driving to Glendhu Bay or Lake Hawea. On the way, you will see gorgeous scenery that’s worthy of a few stops and pictures for memories. 

There is a great photo gallery of the area found at The Picture Lounge in Wanaka and there’s also a variety of activities to participate in such as clay pigeon shooting, archery, mini golf and driving range and a battlefield, at Crossfire which is nearby.

Best of all; the attraction is absolutely free! When you book your next flights to New Zealand, remember to set time aside to visit the Wanaka Tree. Once you’ve been there, it’s a place that you’ll never forget!

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