Helpful Tips For Young Writers Who Want To Get Published

Young writers thinking of getting a book published need to collaborate with a dedicated publishing house

Young writers thinking of getting a book published need to collaborate with a dedicated publishing house

Publishing is no longer a world solely dominated by older, established authors. There are several young writers aged below 26 who are moving into the publishing domain and showing great interest in getting their book published. However, owing to their young age and lack of experience, they face a lot of obstacles such as, not finding a publishing house willing to publish their work.

But, things are changing. There are several new-age youth publishing houses eager to give an opportunity to the young people. They not only help budding writers to publish their book, but also provide them with the tools and resources to become better writers.

Flawless writing ability is believed to come with age, maturity and experience. But, the following tips from professional authors will help you improve your writing ability at a younger age.

  • # Read the books that you want to write

Reading greatly helps in the recognition of great writing, gaining an understanding of the market and also finding inspiration. If you are interested in writing fiction or non-fiction, read related works to get an in-depth idea about what the genre deals with. Another great advantage of reading is that it helps in the development of writing skills. As you gather information about the works of already-published authors, it helps you to improve your own work.

  • # Become a member of an online community for young authors

Interaction is key to becoming a revered author. It is important that you talk to other budding writers of your age and see what they have to say about your writing. Write short stories or poetry and regularly post them on online forums so that they can be critiqued by other young writers. This will give you a clear idea about the areas that you need to work on. Also, being part of an online community of young authors will keep you updated regarding any writing workshops and also give you information about publishing houses that you can approach with your work.

  • # Seek out publishing houses with mentors

Getting a book published is easier said than done, especially for budding authors. There might be moments when you feel that you have hit a roadblock with your book and need someone to help you complete it. This is where working with a youth publishing house that has a well-placed mentoring system will be of great assistance. With the help of the mentoring system, you will be able to receive as much guidance and support that you need to complete your work and also hone your writing skills. Since you are only starting out, it would not be wise to approach a publishing house with editors because they will not really provide you with the resources or the help you need to become the author that you want to be.

  • # Do not give up

This is the most crucial tip and one that you must always remember. Success does not come easy and irrespective of age, everyone has to work hard. There will be times when you feel like giving up your quest of getting your book published, but you must not let that deter your ultimate aim. It is in these moments that interacting with other aspiring authors of your age will give you the confidence you need to keep going.

So, look for a publishing house offering publishing opportunities to young writers, along with the support of mentors. Even if they offer to publish your work as an e-book first, do not hesitate to take up that offer. With your name out there, it will only be time before you are the next bestseller.

Bombadil Publishing is a youth to youth publishing house where young people are encouraged to write for other young people. They are dedicated to publishing, marketing and selling books written by budding authors between the ages of 12 and 26. They have recently embedded their literacy and manuscript processes into an online tool, known as MageQuill to help aspiring writers in getting a book published faster.

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