Do’s and Don’ts for Participating in Textile Exhibition

The huge investment that goes for a participation in corporate event can be the boost for your business.

What can make you get most out of the exhibitions? Though many prefer to take the expert’s help for the corporate trade fairs and exhibitions, still it is required for exhibitors to know about the right execution process. It would help you to keep a check on the tasks performed by the hired agency.


•If you are confused about the exhibition success results, then have a look at the clients who have already participated in the event. Find out whether they are the regular exhibitors or new? Compare the companies who have pulled out with those who have signed up new in recent years.  It will give you the indication whether the event is gaining popularity or declining in it.  Are your competitors exhibiting?? And the products of other exhibitors complement your?? Answers to these questions will suggest you how much successful event can be for you?

•Open up communication with other exhibitors. You know business often comes from the unexpected sources. So, expand your networking not just with show exhibitors but other ones too. Trade association, fellow exhibitors or media might not be on your side always but they can help you when you are at the right place and at right time. Therefore, don’t hesitate to speak up and open dialogues in all possible dimensions of industry.

•Creativity is the key to stand out from the crowd. If you are not good enough in this domain, hire experts who can design a unique and distinctively beautiful stand for your business. The right theme within your budget can fall when there are experts to help you out. With the right advertising and marketing collateral your staff would be able to entice more people to your stand. 

•It is essential that you train your staff supposed to be present in the booth. Let them know the golden rules of marketing as avoiding eating on stand, asking open ended question, not to appear too eager, obtaining maximum relevant information possible and so on. They should be able to hold the attention of visitors through their soft speaking skills and engage in informative business oriented conversations. 

•Securing hot sale leads should be your ultimate goal of exhibiting. However, the result you might not be able to reap instantly. However, within a year or later you might come be able to enjoy profits.


•Exhibition organizers work hard to retain their market share therefore it would be better if you don’t involve in hard negotiations with stand sales personnel. Focusing on other marketing opportunities, you have a good chance of losing stand holders. By offering free add-on benefits your company has the possibility of gaining more marketing opportunities. 

•Planning and preparation is a must in every exhibition. You have to keep track of the items and services going in and out of the exhibition. The materials and services to offer the visitors and participants should not end beforehand to as this may lead to decline of your reputation. 

•You must not waste time on visitors who come with a mindset to have fun. Focus on the audience from which you can both benefit. An audience of buyers is ideal is essential in an exhibition so you can minimize your time on visitors you don’t expect to see.  

•Online and mobile communications has made the approach in textile exhibitions in India even more dynamic. Marketing products and services is much more convenient and cost-effective but these technologies needs to me utilized wisely. 

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