The Chapel Studios by London's most Talented Music Producer

The Chapel Studios is a recording studio in London. It is one of the most recording studios in U.K

The Chapel Studios is a high-end recording studio in London. It is one of the most premier recording studios in U.K which is located in Wimbledon, South West London. The most exciting thing about The Chapel Studios is that it offers one of the most outstanding recording consoles in the whole world, The Solid State Logic Duality consoles. The most surprising fact about The Chapel Studios is that it was established by the London's most popular and talented music producer Steven A Williams in the year 2003.   

The Chapel Studios- in Details  

The Chapel Studios offers a variety of services, which include production, recording, mixing and mastering of commercial releases; voice-overs and audio to visual overdubbing, songwriting as well as music composition for TV adverts and scores for Hollywood films. It has a number of clients in all over U.K including some of the great music artists, record companies music producers and record producers, songwriters, session engineers, mix engineers, mastering engineers, session musicians, session singers, voice directors or voice-over artists. Under the great mastership of London's finest music producer Steven A Williams, The Chapel Studios  

 Services at The Chapel Studios

 The Chapel Studios offers a variety of facilities for a range of services, such as,

1. Production

For a wonderful music production experience, The Chapel Studios offers a calm, relaxed and positive environment along with SSL duality consoles.  

2. Recording

Recordings with the fantastic selection of microphones, like Neumann, AKG, Coles, B&K as well as SSL Super Analogue preamps, Neve 4081, 1073 and API 3124 can be done in a more exciting way. 

3. Mixing

It offers Miller & Kreisel speakers, subwoofers, Klein & Hummel speakers and the classic Yamaha NS-10s along with a fantastic mixing space for making the process of mixing more easy. 

4. Post-production

It provides post production services for film or animation, corporate video, advertisement, new media or multimedia project. 

5. Voice over

The Chapel Studios has an experienced voiceover team. In addition to this, it offers voiceover LCD/Plasma screens, phone-patch facility for remote listening & instruction, ISDN and source connect facility and lots more. 

6. Mastering

It offers stereo mastering and mastering for iTunes. 

7. Composition

The production team of The Chapel Studios is expertized at a variety of musical styles and sound design effects.

8. Location recording

The Chapel Studios offers services for recording gigs, concerts, brass bands, orchestras, voice-overs, demo production and much more.

9. Video production

The highest-quality cameras and lenses are best for capturing simple music videos or even full-scale productions as well.

10. Surround mixing

It offers 5.1 surround applications along with an integrated 5.1 panning system and a dedicated mixing matrix.

If you also want to book The Chapel Studios for an upcoming music production or release, then you can visit here.

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