How To Utilize Instagram Stories For Your Business

Instagram has full screen support for ads in Instagram Stories. Here are some ways to engage and attract more customers

Instagram has full screen support for ads in Instagram Stories. Here are some ways to engage and attract more customers

Instagram announced last March 29 that there will be full screen support for ads in Instagram Stories. How does it work? Simply put, when you upload a photo or video that within the aspect ratio of Instagram, it will automatically issue full screen support in Instagram Stories.

The latest update will automatically choose a background gradient suitable for your ads. In fact, it also uses swipe up capabilities that allow advertisers to add a destination link ad to the Story. You can learn more about it here.
But what else can you do with Instagram Stories if you don’t have the budget for an Instagram Ad?
With over 300 million users daily on Instagram Stories, it’s a large market that you can take advantage of. Here are some ways that you can do to engage and attract more customers on Instagram.
A look behind-the-scenes

You can build your brand appealing by showing a behind the scenes footage of your business.

Take your audience on a virtual tour, interview some colleagues, and so on! It will make your brand more approachable.
Create a poll

Instagram also has a feature that lets you make interactive poll. Take advantage of this to engage with your customers.

Provide possible new product or service options to know which they prefer more.

You can use this feature to learn more about your customers interests.
Add links to gain traffic and generate leads

Another feature on Instagram Stories is the fact that you can add links and tags to your stories. Your audience can go directly to your website.

You can also use this function to link to your lead generation page!
 In short, your Instagram Stories rely on great story telling to appeal to your audience even more. Show relatable content that your audience will love and adds value to your brand.
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