Ike Madu Maigrit Plc A Legendary Entrepreneur

Mr. Ike Madu established Maigrit PLC, keeping a vision of becoming a leader in the market

Mr. Ike Madu has been a giant leader in the arena of general commerce, financial services, and eWallet for more than 25 years, making him an accomplished director, manager, and project coordinator.

Before his career went at its peak, Mr. Madu used to manage General Portfolio, handling a total of 25 competitive individuals that he recruited. With his team, Mr. Ike Madu demonstrated excellence with his sales of VIP, MIP endowment, company and personal pensions as well as bond products. Through developing tools for client and group prospecting, Mr. Ike Madu has brought himself up from basic to a Gold license holder. A year after, he became a Senior Consultant at Mildon/ Laurentialife, running three men dedicated to corporate pensions, commercial finance, providing service for high net worth clients.

His directorship expertise began when he established Merit Corporation along with two partners. He mastered his planning and implementation skills, making a way for connecting with commodity firms in Africa. During his tenure at Merit Corporation, Mr. Madu is involved in purchasing and selling soft commodities like coffee, cocoa, and tea, overseeing the on-the-ground running at the source.

When Mr. Madu formed his second commodity company, MGL Worldwide, he had a vision of servicing the needs of an ever-growing number of investors and savers seeking access to the services that have been exclusive for high earning individuals.

Prior to forming Maigrit PLC, Ike Madu ran the International accounts for PSIpay Ecocard, leading various departments such as risk, compliance, security, and technology. As he converted his role to an agent position, he became an expert of the eWallet platform with a deeper understanding of the process from top to bottom.

Mr. Ike Madu established Maigrit PLC, keeping a vision of becoming a leader in the market, providing eWallet access to people who were once deprived of it.

Ike Madu

Maigrit PLC

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