4 Step Guide To Choose A Transformer

A transformer is an electrical device. Transformers are used for commercial as well as industrial purposes.

A transformer is an electrical device which transmits electrical power from one circuit to another with added advantage of control over voltage and current. Theoretically, power remaining constant voltage can be stepped-up or stepped-down to suit a variety of applications. The basic principle in every transformer still remains the same, that of electromagnetic induction. Different technologies have evolved to manufacture different types of transformers using the same concept.

Transformers are used for commercial as well as industrial purposes. A number of factors govern the type of the transformer to be used and electrical power transformer manufacturers provide an array of solutions. Some of the fundamental issues which drive the choice of transformers can be listed as:

1) Voltage – Higher voltage is used in transmission cables and industrial purposes while lower voltage is required by commercial or household purposes. Power transformers are used to step-up the volt to values exceeding 33kV while Distribution transformers are used to step-down higher voltages to household values (220V – 440V). Also transformers can be poly-phase or single depending on the use.

2) Efficiency – Power transformers become the option when efficiency has to be near 100% during peak load while Distribution transformers are designed to work at 60-70% output all day long. Other types of transformers also have lower efficiencies.

3) Type of Core – Almost all the transformers use magnetic induction to vary the voltage. But newer technologies have evolved and electronic transformers are also used today. But they are suited for very low voltages and are limited to electronic appliances. These type of transformers take less space but are not durable as compared to magnetic ones.

4) Purpose – The type of transformer to be used primarily depends on its application. Some appliances need varying voltage while some may need rectangular voltage pulse. The former requires an autotransformer while the later require a pulse transformer. Indian Railways use a 33kV line to drive electric engines hence power transformers are used.

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