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Surplus Oilfield Equipment: How Is It Used In Locating Oil

13 views |12 October / 2017, Business/Industrial by Waters International, N/A

If your business is involved in the oil industry, you need to have the right equipment for locating, drilling, and obtaining oil. Brand new equipment can require a significantly high investment, which may no ...

4 Step Guide To Choose A Transformer

67 views |10 June / 2017, Business/Industrial by vathirajan, N/A

A transformer is an electrical device which transmits electrical power from one circuit to another with added advantage of control over voltage and current. Theoretically, power remaining constant voltage ca ...

Want to Reach Mars? Deal with Radiation First

54 views |5 June / 2017, Business/Industrial by Steven J. Stanek, C-

For the first time in history, human exploration of Mars has been declared of NASA’s official goal. President Trump even signed a bill to increase the space agency’s spending budget to $19.5 billion for ...

Lead is Back in America’s Federal Wetlands

53 views |24 May / 2017, Business/Industrial by Steven J. Stanek, C-

Lead bullets were also banned on lands within the range of Californian condors in the year 2008. On January 19, 2017, the Obama administration extended the 1991 ban to account for all hunting on all federal ...

Lead Poisoning Becomes Worse In America

63 views |22 May / 2017, Business/Industrial by Steven J. Stanek, C-

We’ve recently become conscious about lead and have actually made an effort to look at lead replacements and clean up lead from our streets and pipelines. We’ve long known that lead poisoning is a seriou ...

Significant Aspects Of Press Brake Machinery

60 views |15 May / 2017, Business/Industrial by Griffin Cook, N/A

Industrial units that are into manufacturing of various equipment like metal roofs, railings, frames, metal awnings, and shades make use of huge metal sheets for producing their finished products. These shee ...

Everything you Need to Know About Ajax Gas Compressor

90 views |10 May / 2017, Business/Industrial by Tim Kelley, N/A

The Ajax brand needs very little by way of introduction. Every Ajax gas compressor owes its performance to the compact design, right operating speed and large compressor cylinder valve that is typical and un ...

Overview of HF Welding Machine and Tarpaulin Welding Machine

66 views |5 May / 2017, Business/Industrial by HF Welder, N/A

High Frequency Welding Machine Welding is a sculptural process that joins materials, generally metals or thermoplastics, by fusing, it is different from lower temperature metal-joini ...

Salient Features of Used Natural Gas Generators

77 views |1 May / 2017, Business/Industrial by Rusty Wilkerson, N/A

If you live off the grid or you are worried about power failures interrupting your activities, you have the option to rely on used natural gas generators to provide electricity to your property or establishm ...

Fusion Splicer- the Most Specific Method of Splicing Fiber Cable

86 views |12 April / 2017, Business/Industrial by Bentley James, N/A

Splicing fiber cable is surely not like splicing metal cables together. It is a very specific procedure best accomplished using fusion splicers. The fusion splicers connect two fiber optic cables together by ...

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