Surplus Oilfield Equipment: How Is It Used In Locating Oil

Oilfield equipment refer to any apparatus, machinery, or component used in drilling or extracting oil.

If your business is involved in the oil industry, you need to have the right equipment for locating, drilling, and obtaining oil. Brand new equipment can require a significantly high investment, which may not be practical if you want to maintain a strict budget. It’s often more prudent to purchase surplus oilfield equipment from a reputable provider. Surplus equipment can be practical if you want to accelerate your ROI while minimizing capital costs. Be sure to buy surplus oil equipment from a provider that is QMS-registered and a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. 

Surplus oilfield equipment comes in many types for locating oil. They are typically used with gravity meters that are sensitive and capable of detecting the smallest changes in the earth’s gravitational pull. Hence, the equipment helps operators determine the flow of oil and the earth’s magnetic field, which can change as the result of the oil flow. Equipment like magnetometers are sensitive and able to locate hydro carbons using electronic sniffers. Some drilling components may take advantage of seismology by measuring or identifying shock waves passing through layers of hidden rock and analyzing those waves being reflected to the earth’s surface. 

For oil extraction, surplus oilfield equipment typically consists of parts for drilling, like the crown block and the crown at the rig’s apex, sand pipe, draw works, traveling block, rotary hose, swivel, engine, water or fuel tanks, pipe rack, and bore hole. Components may include a drill pipe, conductor pipe, and mud pumps, too. All of these parts may be switched, added, or removed depending on the purpose of finding and extracting oil. 

Drilling equipment may consist of oilfield parts for conducting seismic surveys and analyzing shock waves. These parts may include compressed air guns for shooing columns or pulses of air into water when finding oil over water, and thumper trucks for exploration on land. At times, explosives may be inserted by drilling to explore oil over land.  The equipment creates shock waves that go through the earth and reflect back through the rocks. Seismologists rely on the shock waves to find signs of oil and petroleum or gas traps.

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