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Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition is a comprehensive enterprise suite to deliver a research of new capabilities. In every organisation OBIEE is used to improve the decision making purpose ,to perform the business in an  efficient manner.Obiee is based on web services and architecture it integrates that the organisation is having any existing information technology ,investment ,infrastructure etc…

The users can approach their information through enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and Microsoft applications.

OBIEE components:

·         Hyperion interactive reporting

·         Office plug-in

·         Hyperion financial reporting

·         Hyperion web analysis

·         Interactive dashboard

·         Web analysis

·         Disconnection analytics etc…..

OBIEE objectives:

·         Construct simple and compute the measures of fact table.

·         Use statistical functions to support historical time analysis.

·         Model combination tables to question the processing

·         Modify the data content dynamically.

·         Start up a multi user development setting

Advantages/Benefits of OBIEE:

Comprehensive BI Functionality:

·         It includes interactive dashboards

·         Queries and analysis

·         Financial reporting

·         OLAP presentation and analysis

·         Large volume of production

·         Time intelligence.


·         Everyone is providing relevant insight.

·         Every  organisation can see their role( or) can see the performance of the organisation.

 Unified business model:

·         In oracle BI the tools and analytical application for the lowest (TCO)

Hot-pluggable infrastructure:

·         Integration with any data,extraction,and transformation with (ETL)tool

·         Integrate with data base together with IBM DB/2, Teradata,Microsoft SQL Server, sap business data ware house.


·         Data base administrators

·         Meta data developers

·         Application developers

·         Application administrators

·         Business analyst

·         Technical systems analyst.

Implementing OBIEE

Using business intelligence computer code you’ll perceive the whole image in real time. The useful information about data customer interaction from knowledge holds on in your CRM and ERP systems. You’ll perceive shortcomings in your product or service, delivery and charge processes.OBIEE is one such premier business intelligence software that contains number of elements to assist.

OBIEE 11g Terms:


The way you select the data you want to show and its results.


Individual field that contains knowledge and may be employed in associate analysis.

Subject area:

 Large assortment of columns may be used per analysis.


The individual columns and their placement that you simply need to show


The data that matches the columns you’ve got chosen within the criteria tab.


A way of narrowing down the results displayed.

OBIEE performance issues:

When reports take an extended time to come results, finish users tend to mention “OBIEE doesn’t perform well”.

The reality is that almost all (99%) of the process usually takes place on the underlying information sources

If another element tool was accustomed deliver an equivalent reports the queries  would in all probability still run even as slowly.

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