What Is Academic Coaching And Its Benefits In High School

Academic coaching is a comprehensive approach for development of time management, problem-solving skills in students.

As per Stanford University's School of Education report released in 2011, students who have received academic coaching are more likely to remain in college and complete grad studies as compared to those who drop out in the middle. It has been proved that coaching has a better impact on human minds, and helps in taking up a right career. 

What does Academic Coaching exactly mean? 

The above stated report also suggests that the expenditure of academic coaching is meager when compared to other methods, and can encourage students to finish their degree education. But what actually academic coaching mean? It is a program where the entire focus is on the process of learning wherein the coach, and students are engaged in a partnership for achieving better results. The academic coach scrutinizes  students' learning styles, habits of studying or the barriers faced, and helps them to better their GPAs. The ultimate aim of academic coaching is to make students realize what it takes to achieve a good grade and provide a support system to them.

Academic coaching is concentrated on developing students' personality and improving results. It also helps in identifying the roadblocks preventing them from achieving success. The transition from middle school to high school is overwhelming and exciting at the same time as students enter an age where they are not  bothered by teachers for assignments and other school-related activities. However, it has been demonstrated that students who receive academic coaching get good grades, have greater independence, and a high-level of confidence.

Benefits of Academic Coaching 

Have you ever observed an athlete? The gold medal that he won at the Olympics is the outcome of his perseverance, years of hard work, and guidance by his coach. Similarly, an academic coach for your child will help in overcoming all the obstacles felt in studies, and achieve success without stress. Apart from guiding students to develop effective study strategies, an academic coach also provides other benefits like: 

Improved time-management skills 

This is one of the most vital advantages of academic coaching. The coach will help students understand how to prioritize learning and manage time for all subjects. When students learn to manage time, the can avoid last minute rush when attending an exam. 

Development of good problem-solving tactics 

Students who have been guided by academic coaches are in a better position to think strategically and solve study-related problems. This can be helpful not only during the education period, but also in different walks of life. Coaching gives them the habit to identify and solve problems on their own. 

A high boost in performance 

Is your child suffering from concentration deficits, or not able to realize true potential? An academic coach can provide a big boost to his grades by not only assisting in unveiling undermined talent, but also preparing him for the exams. It also makes students realize the importance of hard work necessary to achieve success in life.  

Assists in refining study methods and set achievable goals 

Apart from giving essential tips about learning methodologies, the academic coach can also help his pupils identify areas of weakness and work on them consistently. These people are experienced to aid students in raising the academic bar as well as teaching other life skills like communication, conflict resolving abilities, etc. They not only tell how to do a task but also teach how to set milestones to achieve the bigger goal. 

Having a good academic background is not an obligation, but a necessity to face those future responsibilities which you are going to meet at the right age. Do you believe you can change the perception about academics or remove the imaginary fear about good grades perennially instilled in students? Are you capable of being the guiding light for the normal students as well as those who have learning disabilities? If yes, all you need to do is draft an academic coach resume and apply to educational institutions for a great start to your career. 

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