9 Best Android Apps to Turbo Charge Your Productivity

Turn your mobile phone addiction into something valuable with these 9 Android productivity apps.

Turn your mobile phone addiction into something valuable with these 9 Android productivity apps.

It is true for everyone, if we get a penny for every time we procrastinate, we’d all be a millionaire by now! The growing complexities of everyday tasks do not really leave any room for us to stay motivated for being productive. Not to mention the snug comfort of scrolling through our favourite mobile apps that actually have the capacity to keep us engaged all day long without creating an even slim trace of productivity. But technology doesn’t always have to be seen in shady lights, after all, its purpose is to make us and the world around us better. So let’s take this day to turn your mobile phone addiction 180°, and make your Android phone the source of heightened productivity with these ten apps.

  • Google Assistant

No list of the best Android apps is complete without this miraculous AI assistant. Google has indeed done some great work in putting together the Google Assistant app that supports a wide range of intuitive voice commands. With it, you can control all of your connected devices with complete ease. Furthermore, with the upcoming version that has been demonstrated in Google I/O 2018 killing the Turing test, the capabilities of this digital assistant is all set to rise beyond our expectations.

  • Google Drive

Life is unimaginable for work-from-home-people who rely heavily on this cloud storage solution. It comes with a complete suite of other cloud solutions like Google calendar, Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. which increases its value multifold. With easy utility tools for navigating through all the important files and folders, that too are editable and accessible from all the varied devices that you may be using, it is indeed one of the best tools to make you productive regardless whether you’re at home or work.

  • NPR

It is understandable why you like to spend so much time on your mobile phones. But what is keeping you from making this time a time-well-spent? Install the official app NPR or National Public Radio to get all the important news instantly. The app offers content both in written and audio format so that you can consume it in the way you prefer the most.

  • Evernote

It’s just three apps down and we’re already getting closer to replacing the time-consuming apps with the apps that contribute. So, now let’s bring the real booster in our productivity with the apps that allow you to take note, make to-do-list, set reminder, and much more through one device. The great synchronisation ability of the tool has always kept it the favourite app and SaaS for the people who like to keep themselves organised at all times.

  • Kindle/Audible

Nothing keeps us motivated for becoming the best version of ourselves as books do. So what if you don't like to carry your Kindle to all the places that you go. The app on your phone would do the same job. Furthermore, having apps for audio-books like Audible will also help you in finishing more books faster by listening to them during mundane tasks like commuting to and from work.

  • Duolingo

So you always wanted to learn Spanish but after high school, you switched course for management degree and now you have forgotten that cerveza is Spanish for beer. Don’t let your small dreams die because you're pursuing the bigger ones. Instead, install the official app of one of the best linguistic e-learning tool Duolingo on your phone and start learning your favourite in a more fun way.

  • Google Fit

You cannot really call yourself productive unless you are also taking care of your physical fitness. And what could help you better to establish a daily fitness regime than your favourite device that can also connect with your other favourite (fitness) devices like Android wears? With the abilities to create goals and track your progress, Google Fit is indeed one of the best apps out there that can help you achieve a perfect balance in your life.

  • Headspace

So now since you have already taken care of your physical wellness, it is only fair to give a similar amount of attention to your mental wellness. Created by an ex-Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, Headspace is the perfect app for people who are just beginning to venture into the world of meditation. In fact, Puddicombe’s soothing voice added with really effective guiding techniques is something that even the regular meditators would appreciate. The app comes with ten-day practice trial, and if you feel like it is really making you a more calm yet effective person, you can go ahead and buy a subscription directly from the app.

  • Podcast Addict

If there's still space left in your daily routine that opens the risks of you getting back into your phone addiction with the overused apps, you can instead choose to listen to podcasts. These are great tools for increasing your knowledge in your favourite area while in a more open and friendly approach. Podcast Addict is a feature-rich app that allows you to navigate and find your favourite podcast channels with complete ease. Don't get confused with the name though, you can only listen to a podcast while doing other tasks like laundry. It will not keep you all blocked-up like other mediums of entertainment.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. All the apps that can change your life for better by turning your favourite device into your best friend who cares for you and helps you in becoming a better version of yourself. Can you think of any other idea that can make you or other people more productive? Let’s manifest that idea by availing Android app development services today. Your app will not only help other in becoming more productive but may also help you by adding other sources for your revenues. So if indeed have a great productivity app idea, or any app idea for that matter, contact an Android app development company today, and begin the journey of yet another life saviour mobile application.

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