A Dog Fire Hydrant: Your Pet’s Potty Solution

Not creating a convenient spot that your pet likes to pee can cause damage and stress. A hydrant is a fun solution!

Male dogs love to lift their leg on just about anything upright. And it can seem as if the majority of the time; this is not where you want him to go. Solving this very common problem is as easy as giving him his own dog fire hydrant. So here’s what you’ll want to know when getting started with one.   

Made For Pets

Real fire hydrants have a long history with dogs, and therefore everyone recognizes them as the classic pee post in urban settings. And that’s what makes hydrant for dogs such a fun and appealing option.

Unlike the real thing however they are much more practical. They’re designed to be easy for owners to place wherever it’s convenient for their pets to go to the bathroom. And of course since they are upright canines love to pee on them.   

Choices, Choices, Choices

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing a hydrant for your pet. Material is one of them. Typically most options are made from plastic, resin, or metal. You’ll also want to pick a color that suits your property well.

While most are red there are other colors too. And depending on the size of you pooch you may want to go with a mini fire hydrant for dogs or something more substantial.   

Extra Options

Some doggy hydrants come with extra features that are pretty handy. A very helpful option particularly when you have a puppy are scented hydrants. These have a smell which your pooch will automatically tell your dog’s nose that it’s a great place to pee.

Another feature that’s worth considering is storage. Models with a hollow core will often have the ability to hold a variety of pet-related items. 

Where Can You Use One?

Fortunately for both pets and their owners hydrants can be used both inside the home and out. Indoors they are often placed on turf with special pad underneath to collect the urine for easy disposal.

Outdoors you may want to use a faux fire hydrant for dogs on in your pooch’s kennel or where his pee will do the least damage and cause the least mess. Just be sure to choose a spot with good drainage. 

Whether indoors or out, a dog fire hydrant can help to put you in control of where your pet goes to the bathroom. With less mess, stress, and damage you’ll be a happier owner and better pet parent.

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