Luggage Fairy Garden

When I am planning my newest fairy garden, I start by hunting for unique containers around thrift stores.

When I am planning my newest fairy garden, I start by hunting for unique containers around thrift stores, flea markets, and occasional shops. I start by pulling apart piles of old washbasins, wicker baskets, vintage pottery, and worn-out luggage. I fall in love with broken pieces of salvaged junk, because I see potential to create something unique and beautiful. They inspire me to think of the newest fairy garden ideas; a great example I would be utilizing a container that is different from what you usually use. For lack of better words, I really try to “think outside the box” when selecting containers for my miniature gardens.

One of my favorite ways to start planning a miniature garden is by selecting a theme and finding a container, as well as miniature accessories that match that theme. It works out well, because the garden has a continuous flow from top to bottom. For example, if you select a bright spring garden you want to make sure that you have selected miniature figures that hold those springtime colors, as well as flowers, foliage, and miniature plants. My personal favorite for spring is Bellium minutum; it is a small plant with white flower with a bright yellow center. It is also known as a ‘Miniature Daisy’. To me, it is the perfect flowering plant, to make you think of weather, which is warming up. If you want to build off this, you will select a container that reminds you of springtime. When I personally think of spring, I tend to lean towards a large wooden flower box. Since that is my go-to, I am challenging myself to try something a little different, and what caught my eye was a vintage piece of luggage that is a rich red with brown handles and brass clasps. It almost gives you the illusion of a "traveling garden"—a group of fairies who could pick up and leave at a moment's notice.

When I complete this garden, I want to select a fairy house that matches the blooming miniature plants. I was going between several options that I thought would complement the flower bench, flower stepping stones, and tulip picks. I ended up selecting the spring petals solar fairy house, which is a log that was hollowed out by one of our skilled fairy friends and re-purposed into a home. The roof of the home is made of bright pink flowers with yellow centers, and some of those flowers decorate the side of the home, and resting on the flowers is a large yellow butterfly. When you put all of these pieces together, this miniature fairy garden is a pristine picture of what springtime looks and feels like.

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