How To Decorate A Miniature Spruce Tree

This time of year, one of the most special family traditions that some of us share is gathering to cut down

This time of year, one of the most special family traditions that some of us share is gathering to cut down

This time of year, one of the most special family traditions that some of us share is gathering to cut down, put up, and decorate our Christmas trees. A new tradition for our family is to create a fairy garden for the holidays. While working together on our fairy garden, we select a miniature Picea glauca, Jean’s Dilly Spruce Tree for our newest Christmas-themed display. Now our tradition is a day filled with evergreens, both large and small.

In my house we start with the life-size tree; we drive an hour north with our daughter and dogs in tow to our favorite tree farm to pick out the perfect family Christmas tree. We wander among the different types of trees to select the ideal height and fullness. My husband is usually “pickier” than I am and he ends up judging and discarding multiple trees before choosing one. He crawls around in the mud and snow to be able to cut the tree down and to drag it back to our truck. Using a machine, the tree farm owners shake off the excess needles and wrap the carefully selected tree for transportation to our house. Once the family arrives home, we begin grabbing totes full of ornaments out of the garage, and we start decorating the tree with lights, a star, ornaments, tinsel, and a tree skirt. All of those elements come together to create the focal point for our Christmas decorations.

By now, our Jean’s Dilly tree has arrived from the online greenhouse. If you are looking for the perfect items to decorate your miniature plants, then you might want to look into tree-trimming kits that come with miniature accessories for completing one small tree near the fairy house. These kits are assorted and they may come packaged with ribbons, garland, lights, and a tree topper. The tree trimmings vary with each hand-selected kit. I like these kits because I do not have any excess materials and I can buy more than one package for different looks. In my opinion, I do not think our garden fairy friends would care for each tree in the miniature garden to look the same. They would want something much sillier and more playful to capture their wild spirit. I could see uniquely decorated trees since the fairies, living in our house, would mix and match the kits. Watch for winter fairies to “pop” into your miniature fairy garden to enjoy the decorations.

This time of year is about family, friends, and big parties for cookie sharing, present giving, movie watching, and tree decorating. We should celebrate this sense of community by adding many fairies and many decorations to our green space to celebrate Christmas and prepare for the end of the year, which signifies a new beginning for all of us.

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