Things You Need To Know Before Installing Air Conditioner

There are some things which you need to know in order to get your Air Conditioner installed the right way.

Installing a new AC or replacing the old one is a crucial job; if the installation is done accurately you AC will give you the finest cooling. But if it is not done properly, you are not going to get the desired cooling effects. Poor installation leads to frequent maintenance problems, so try to hire some professional and licensed HVAC contractor with good experience in the industry.

Factors you need to consider yourself during the installation of the HVAC unit including;

  • Wall strength
  • Proper spacing between the AC unit & wall
  • Appropriate height from floor
  • The correct tilt of the indoor unit
  • Correct outdoor placement location

Tips to Know Before Hiring an AC Installation Company

Everybody wants to choose a suitable air conditioner company; the contractor must have a license with a NATE-certification. Once you hire them, they will visit your place to assess the design of the place to determine a suitable placement for indoor cabinet, condenser, vents, and air ducts.

For a ductless unit, they will find the best place to install condensers and air handlers. Also, they will measure the floor space and do a complete HVAC load calculation, this will identify the suitable AC size for your place. 


If there is some old AC that is going to be replaced, you need to remove it before the visit of technicians. Old components include air ducts, compressors, and evaporators. If you finish this before the technicians arrive, installing the new unit will not take more than a day to finish the job.


The actual installation will start by placing the outdoor unit; the indoor cabinet installation takes place afterward. New air ducts take place; air vents and registers are placed on their positions. 


After placing everything on the required position, time to turn on AC and test everything to check how indoor and outdoor works.

What to expect from Air Conditioner Installation Company?

Answer to your Questions

Getting a quote for a new HVAC unit, the technician should have clear answers to your questions. And give you thorough information needed to choose to install or fix air conditioner. If you feel that you are not getting what you have asked; it's better to find some other company as there is nothing worse than getting poor services.

No Hidden Charges

A customer needs straightforward pricing; if there is any chance of change in the price estimation, the best installation service provider discloses this so there are no surprises for the client. 

Professional Technician

Cost is the important factor but you need to make sure about the repute of the company; whether it's licensed and insured; how professional they are in their dealings so on and so forth. Because you are going to let the technician into your place, they should be respectful and complete their work mindfully. 

Prompt Customer Services

For most people, customer service is the key factor in getting a new installation or fix air conditioner. When you approach the HVAC services facilitator for an average estimation or some questions to clear ambiguity; they should respond timely with proper answers. 

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