Essential Deterrents To Safeguard Yourself From Burglars

Prevention from crime is the top concern in everyone's checklist.

If crime prevention tops your checklist, then you’re not alone. By hampering burglars, you’re making sure you don’t have to breathe through a sense of violation and the monetary losses a theft can create. Getting begun is easier than you might imagine.

1. Home security system

Do you know what is common in these items? They can be incorporated in a complete home security system keeping your home protected and safe. You can get yourself, the perfect customized home security system that suits your safety needs by fusing the right kind of elements in your security system.

Home security systems give round-the-clock protection, connecting your home with authorities who can set foot in if something unexpected occurs.

2. Get a dog

An ample amount of discussions is going on regarding whether a dog can discourage a burglar or not. And we think that they can, especially if the dog is the loud one. A barking dog is generally enough to scare off a possible burglar.

3. Have your friends or neighbors to keep a check on things in your absence

If you reside in a tight-knit community and you know your next-door-neighbors well, they can take part in your security team. Unfortunately, there are indications burglars look for to see if you’re gone or not. When you’re sleeping or gone out of town, they might see unusual movement around your home and inform the authorities seeking their help. To use this opportunity well, it’s a great idea to have your neighbors or friends keep a vigilant eye on your home while you’re away.

4. Secure your windows

Windows are as popular as doors when it comes to entry points for housebreaking. The burglary will stop if it gets difficult for someone to get their hands on your precious assets. Ensure locking down the windows and doors before stepping out of your home. Also, consider boosting the security by adding motion sensors or break-proof laminate on your windows.

5. Motion lights

Motion lights will warn people in and around your home to the presence of a robber. Attention is the least of all things a burglar wants, so motion lights may prove to be enough to make them alter their mind and flee away. Especially as motion lights are usually a sign that additional security measures prevail within the area or that someone is home.

6. Smart locks

Smart locks go even further than the conventional deadbolt, as they let you control your lock remotely through an app on your smartphone. It makes sure that you are never left in doubt whether you fastened the door and will inform you if anyone enters with your code.

7. Doorbell camera

A video doorbell camera makes you view who is at your front door through a small camera attached in your doorbell. It also enables you to view the video feed from anywhere you are. The doorbell cameras warn you on detecting any motion or suspicious activity and also schedule things like the arrival of the dog walker or your kids arriving home from school.

Burglary Deterrents to Avoid

Here are a few common practices that one must avoid.

1. Employing an outdated alarm system

Even though we love to depend on the time-tested alarm systems from the past, the technological improvements in the modern alarm systems are astonishing. Instead of just warning you when a crime is already taking place, these high-tech solutions prevent most crimes from taking place.

2. Owning a gun

Possessing a gun may make you feel secure, but it does not help in deterring burglars. As they are oblivious of the fact that you own one, implying that your house continues to be a target.

3. Holding your mail

Some housebreakers are familiar with you and your daily routine. And they might notice the suspended delivery of the posts. Although it is not wise to pile it up, it’s a better option to have a next-door-neighbor or housesitter to grab it for you.

4. Landscaping and big foliage near your windows

Although these have turned into a fixture of “home security,” several burglars have stated that high shrubs in the face of windows keep them away. However, these shrubs also serve as a hiding place for the burglars, providing them more time to break-in.

5. Having a fence in your yard

Moreover, a traditional picket fence often protects the burglars from view instead of keeping them out. You might like fencing for aesthetics, but do not consider it as an effective safety measure. However, wire fences are a more suitable alternative to deter burglars as they give more visibility into your yard.

So, there you have it! Essential dos and don’ts of home security. Adding a home security system is the best solution to all your security concerns, offering you the most desirable safety against an intruder. Do your homework accurately before getting the best security camera for you.

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