Simple And Cost Saving Ideas To Modernize Your Apartment

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Decorate an apartment with trending upcycling Tips, DIY, and the Best Online Stores for affordable furniture.

Apartments make for cozy living spaces but decorating the interior can be difficult when you're renting. You don't want to rik your security deposit, but you also want a personalized and comfortable space you can call home. We look at affordable and modern decorating ideas you can try today to update your apartment. 

1. Upcycle Jars, Baskets, and More 

Upcycling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate an apartment. You can use glass jars as miniature storage pieces. Simply clean the jar with warm soapy water, tie a ribbon around the center or glue mosaic tiles onto the outer glass. Once decorated, you can use it as a tumbler in a bathroom or a pen holder in an office. You can also fill jars with shells or marbles and place it on a shelf or counter for decor. 

Unused baskets are easily upcycled by creating a planter. Start by placing a waterproof liner in the basket. Punch a few holes for drainage. Add potting soil and herbs such as lavender or basil. You can place the repurposed basket in a sunny balcony or outdoor spot. 

If you need storage for small items, use gift boxes. It is inexpensive and available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. 

2. Multi-Purpose Furniture 

Storage and space are common problems in small apartments. Decorating with multi-purpose furniture can provide an economical solution. These styles of furniture serve many purposes without having to purchase multiple pieces that would take up too much space. An example is an ottoman with storage. Hinged ottomans are great pieces for a small apartment. You can use it as a seat, a center feature for the living room, or a footstool. At the same time you can store items inside the ottoman. 

Flat-pack furniture is great for an apartment. Examples of flat pack furniture include bookshelves, desks, and bed bases. It comes in a box with the screws and attachments you can put together with some basic tools. 

3. Add a Rug and Extra Lighting 

A rug is a great way to spruce up your interior. If you live on the top floor, carpeting can also reduce the noise transferred to your neighbors below by creating a layer of insulation. A floor lamp or decorative lamp placed on a side table provide appeal and improved lighting to instantly enhance a space. 

4. Pot Plants to Bring the Outdoors In 

Easily create a tropical or exotic look and feel without spending too much. Simply use potted plants around the apartment. An orchid is a popular indoor flower but if you don't have a green thumb then succulents are best. Ensure your indoor pot plants have bases to catch the excess water. This will prevent it from staining your floors or spoiling the counters. 

5. Where to Find Affordable Furniture and Decor 

Shopping online is one of the easiest ways to find affordable furniture and accessories. Amazon sells scatter cushions and pillow covers for below $20 while you can visit Home Depot and Ikea for ottomans, under-bed storage drawers, and storage accessories below $150. You can also check out these"affordable decorating ideas" for more creative ideas and ways of adding more storage to a small living space. 

DIY Decorating for Apartments - Final Thoughts 

No matter the size of apartment or your budget, you can incorporate DIY and affordable decorating to modernize your space and improve your storage. If you need inspiration, you can also visit sites like Pinterest where you'll find some nifty ideas to modernize the apartment. 

Happy Decorating

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