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Cut In The Denver Middleman

56 views |18 August / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Shantelle Adams, N/A

If you are looking for a new house, then you have probably been looking around for options on your mortgage. It can be hard to find a mortgage that works well for you, especially because the lenders are ofte ...

These Are The 5 Benefits Of Leasing Your Office Space

67 views |29 May / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Hugo Slade, N/A

When it comes to small businesses or start-up co ...

Finding Apartments For Sale - Tips For Buyers

56 views |1 May / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by homeonline db, N/A

Considered that you will invest a substantial amount of money into your very own real estate, it is certainly worth asking and checking out as much advice/information as you can, allowing you to make the ver ...

The New Housing Bubble and Your Retirement Plan

89 views |19 April / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Bryan Wallner, C-

Are we in a new real estate bubble? What are billionaire moguls selling and holding now? How will it impact your retirement plan? New questions and concerns are being raised about the US real estate ...

Five Property Management Myths That You Must Ignore

99 views |5 April / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Susan Burris, C-

Managing rental properties is not an easy task and taking care of the various facets of the property single-handedly can be tiring. Thankfully, property management companies offer reliable help in protecting ...

Educate Yourself- Some Must Know Terms For Real Estate Buyer

106 views |27 March / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Balbir Dhall, N/A

When you go out to purchase any property there are a myriad of real estate terms being used between the professionals which you do not understand straight away. Whether you are buying a farm, blueberry plant ...

Things to Consider While Renting Using a Property Management

143 views |12 January / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Susan Burris, C-

With over 23,000,000 landlords serving over 110,000 renters in the US, it is pretty clear that the rental market was really d ...

How to deal with Noise Tenants in your Apartment Building

157 views |12 January / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Zray Aldar, N/A

If you have rented out apartments in your building then you would know exactly what sort of trouble noisy tenant’s cause to you and other tenants. Noises come in all sorts of ways possible. Usually it is t ...

Are Property Management Services Really your cup of Tea?

339 views |13 November / 2015, Finance/Real Estate by Susan Burris, C-

Property Management might be considered as a great deal of expense, but most of the times, people who want to opt for these services wonder whether it is worth the financial investment. Apparently, most real ...

The Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Boom

321 views |18 September / 2015, Finance/Real Estate by Dexter Brown, N/A

By most people’s standards, the housing market isn’t moving very fast. Sales are dropping and prices have flat lined, but for some reason Los Angeles luxury real estate is booming. In Southern California ...

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