First Rate First Aid Equipment To Protect Your Employees

Most companies want to be the best in their field, the most efficient, the most profitable, the highest rated. However, there is a real kudos to being the organisation that takes the best care of its own employees.

The Health & Safety regulations of 1981 lay out a number of requirements for those engaged in delivery work. All employers in the UK transport industry must make available “adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work.” As part of these regulations it is compulsory for employers to supply all their drivers with first aid kits.

Though we all try our best to be prepared for any eventuality, and this includes kitting your delivery work drivers out with first aid supplies, did you know that there are a range of first aid options available? From extremely basic kits to prepared-for-anything packs, you need to decide how best to help your employees deal with injuries and accidents at work.

First Rate Health & Safety

If you run a company that sends drivers out on delivery work, the Road Haulage Association (or RHA) website is the perfect place to start your search for emergency essentials. Here you can buy first aid kits designed specially for haulage workers, as well as emergency equipment that is handy to have in a vehicle. Here are a few of my top picks from their range.

The Box

The Vehicle First Aid Kit comes in a hard-plastic box, which can be fixed to the cab wall in an easily accessible spot. The box comes with a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) first aid guide along with cleansing wipes, plasters, bandages and dressings, gloves and safety pins. In short, it contains everything that a driver would need to deal with minor injuries either on the road or inside their vehicle.

The Bag

Alternatively, the 70-Piece First Aid Kit is a great option. Compact enough to be easily stored behind a seat, this soft nylon back has several clear compartments securely fastened with zippers. The kit includes everything in the Vehicle First Aid Kit, as well as ice packs, sterile eye pads, a large foil blanket and more. Of course, both kits are entirely health and safety compliant.

Off Road Essentials

Not all haulage work takes place on the road and though it’s important to keep those on delivery work safe, you must also consider how to provide for employees working in the warehouse or depot. Here are two pieces of equipment that you might consider purchasing.

Duo-Fold Stretcher: This piece of kit is described as essential by the HSE and is certainly impressive. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the stretcher is very compact, making it ideal for storage. However, once open, it can support up to 159kg. As the product is fireproof and waterproof, it can help remove an injured party from a potentially dangerous situation, such as a fire.

Sharps Handling Kit: This is a simple piece of equipment that can help you safely dispose of potentially dangerous items, such as blades and needles. The kit includes Hex-Armour gloves, disinfectant wipes and spray, polypropylene forceps and sharps containers.

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