Best Seasons For Algarve Golf Holidays

Why the Algarve?

Stretching between the mountains and the sea, the Algarve is a revered destination for golfers from across the world. It provides the perfect kaleidoscope of Mediterranean charms – culture, landscape and cuisine – coupled with superlative golfing on architect-designed courses. The only tough question: when to go? Golfing opportunities are available year-round, and there’s sunshine 300 days of the year. As a result, choosing the optimum time for an Algarve golf holidaycan be complex.

Using 3 crucial factors – crowds, costs and conditions – this article surveys the pros and cons of the changing seasons in the Algarve, helping to make your Algarve golf holiday a great success.

Winter (Low- to Mid-Season)

With December comes unpredictable weather (sound familiar?!). But the Christmas season in the Algarve also brings quiet conditions and correspondingly low prices, with local golfers taking advantage of the lack of tourists to organise their own competitions. Come January, temperatures average around 16.2ºc, with 28mm of rain per day (the highest rainfall of the year). February sees slightly better weather: rainfall drops by roughly 10mm and temperatures increase by 1º. The advantages of the low season may seem a touch brighter!

Spring (High-Season)

The turn in the golfing year in the Algarve generally occurs in March. Courses start to fill up, accommodation gets booked, and things become in every respect just that bit more energetic. The Easter period is when things really start to peak. Courses offer excellent holiday deals, taking advantage of the increase in demand and the perfect weather conditions. Bear in mind that May is the busiest month in the Algarve golfing calendar, bringing with it higher costs and bustling courses. Book well in advance to work around the crowds.

Summer (Mid- to Low-Season)

Given the high spring costs and crowds, you might want to consider delaying your trip until the summer. Due to the hot weather – the average July temperature is 29.1ºc – the region sees a drop in numbers during this period, and courses offer special prices to attract those who don’t mind the heat. Of course, in the context of the Algarve, golf holidaysduring the hotter months necessitate proper precautions, such as avoiding the midday sun and staying well-hydrated.

Autumn (Mid- to High-Season)

Mid-season gives way to high around the 15th of September. Now, summer offers start to drop off and courses start to fill. The second peak season in the Algarve golf holidayscene is the early part of October. You’ll see really busy courses, making early booking an absolute must. Weather-wise, we’re looking at a warm yet comfortable average temperature of 23.2ºc, so it’s no surprise really that golfers flock to the Algarve in this period.

Algarve Averages

As a rule of thumb, the Algarve sees two peak seasons when it comes to golfers looking for the best conditions: May and October. From November, greens start to become much quieter, before the region gets back into the swings of things with the March crowds. If you do choose to go at high season, then bear in mind the necessity of booking well in advance. And if you decide to visit in the summer, taking advantage of the lower fees, then remember to go well-prepared for the hot weather. But whenever you book your Algarve golf holiday, a fantastic time will be par for the course!

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Steve Frewin is the Managing Director of A Golfing Experience, a company with more than 25 years experience organising bespoke golf holidays and escapes throughout Europe for individuals, societies and groups. If you're looking to explore the possibilities in the <a href="">Algarve, golf holidays</a> to this beautiful region are just one of our specialties. We also operate in all the other major European golf destinations and, if you'd like to consider options further afield, we can arrange holidays to the world's greatest golf courses in The Caribbean, Mauritius, Bermuda and USA.

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