How Social Media Can Help To Boost Seo

Search engine optimisation and social media go hand in hand, which is why the best SEO packages offer both.

Social media has taken the world by storm and, at this point, there’s no turning back. While many people simply see it as a fun and recreational way to pass the time, savvy business owners know that properly utilising social media can drive traffic to their websites, promote brand awareness and so much more. Not surprisingly, digital marketing agencies have begun to include social media in their SEO packages. Read on to learn more about some of the ways the two become a power couple when they work together.

Increased Engagement

If someone happens across the content on your website and choose to share it on Facebook, Twitter or another platform, the engagement that post receives will do many positive things. Firstly, it will help you make connections and generate leads for your business. Secondly, it will improve your online reputation. Thirdly, content that gets a high amount of engagement can eventually begin to rank in search engines – which will improve your website’s SEO.

Promote Your Content

It’s common knowledge that SEO packages include content production. However, social media takes that to the next level. No matter how high quality you’ve made your keyword-optimised content, there’s still a chance not many people will see it – but promoting your SEO-based content on social media is the easiest way to change that. This will help you share your pieces with a wider audience and drive more traffic to your site, as well as positively influence your time-on-site engagement and bounce rate.

In short, if you are creating and posting good content to your website, promoting it via social media and getting people to click the link and stick around to read it, the engagement will tell search engines that page is valuable.

More Link Building

SEO packages have always found link building to be an incredibly useful practice – and social media can give you a whole new way to get high-quality and authentic links from influential and respected websites. If you’re posting on various social media channels, influencers (who spend a lot of their time there) may come across your post, like what they see and link to it on their blogs or websites.

Top Tip: To make it likely an influencer will pick up your content, make sure whichever digital marketing company you choose to do business with offers SEO packages that create authoritative, high-quality content (if you don’t, they will have no reason to want to share your pieces with their readers). It is also helpful if you have a high amount of followers so that as many eyes as possible see your posts.

Digital marketing agencies that offer the best SEO packages know that social media is an important part of a modern day website’s success. Now that you know that search engine optimisation and socials easily go hand in hand to help your business boom, take the aforementioned tips, create some profiles and start building your following!

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Kit Jones is a professional consultant at LeadGeneratorsDigital, a successful online marketing agency focusing on a variety of digital strategies including content and SEO marketing. The agency provides SEO packages for businesses looking to not only boost their Google rankings, but also their conversion rates and the overall quality of their site.

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