What Programming Languages A Web Developer Should Know

Web developers build dynamic websites and enhance users experience. Learn about various programming languages.

Web development is a booming sector in today's world as more advanced technologies continue to evolve every day. This is one of the fastest growing career fields and there is no dearth for the demand of highly skilled web developers in the IT industry. 

Who is a web developer?

A web developer is a programmer whose job is to write codes to make dynamic websites. They are responsible for building websites from scratch and making its design visually appealing and more user-friendly. 

What is the job of web developer?

The web development can be classified into 3 parts- 

  • The developer who is involved in how the code execution occurs in the web browser and determines how the website looks to its customers handles the front-end. 
  • The developer who manages server-side execution and handles' mechanism behind the working of a website is known to look after the back-end.
  • And database technology which is essential for smooth functioning of the website. 

To ensure that the website operates well, web developers must have a substantial knowledge and command over various programming languages. They need to be aware of both client side and server-side languages. These languages include - 

1. HTML and CSS 

These are front-end languages, and they complement each other very well to help build static websites. HTML is a markup language whereas, CSS can be used for styling and making web pages attractive. They form an initial step towards building a good website. HTML5 and CSS3 are the latest versions of the language. 

2. JavaScript 

Just building a website is of no use unless you have added any functionality to it. Using JavaScript, you can add various dynamic features such as pop ups, drop down menus, modal windows and sliding carousels on your web page. 

3. Java

A widely used object-oriented programming language, this is still used for coding in enterprises, mobiles and also by game developers in the world. This is a robust and high-performance language that supports architecture neutrality. 

4. ASP.net 

This is a server-side scripting language that can be used by developers to build web applications with ease. It facilitates building of dynamic websites using languages like C# or VB.NET. It helps in creating applications that are to be intended to run on Windows platform. 

5. PHP

It is a server-side programming language. It is used in coding popular sites like Facebook, Wordpress. Apart from providing beautiful themes and plug-ins, this language assists web developers in establishing communication with the back-end database, and also in enriching the look of the web pages.  

6. C# 

Pronounced as C-sharp, this is an object-oriented programming language  developed by Microsoft. It has been built using C language and has features identical to Java. 

7. Python 

This is a dynamic language and is known to reduce the number of lines of code in a program. This concept is known as code readability and is not available in the previous languages. Python has been said to be all-purpose programming languages, which can be easily understood by beginners. This language is used in Google, Yahoo and also for the development of applications like Pinterest, and Instagram. 

8. Ruby 

Similar to python, this is an OOP language which can be used for developing applications for both desktop and mobile. It can be easily understood by novice programmers and is known to be the foundation for learning complicated languages for web developers. 

Individuals who love coding and always want to learn new things can try understanding  fundamentals of the above-mentioned languages. Gaining expertise in these languages will surely give a boost to their resume, and they will be the sought-after web developers by the organizations.  

Sandy D'souza is a freelance author and blogger, she is always eager to share her knowledge on various topics like resume and career development. Her significant contributions to a web developer resume has aided many aspiring job candidates and students to develop their careers.

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