Olympic Champion Gymnast Zou Jingyuan And Sunisa Lee Statement Before The Summer Games 2024

As a follow-up to his triumph at Tokyo 2020, Zou wants to help Team China reclaim the team title at the Paris Gymnastics

"Success is built on previous failures."

In the history of parallel bars, Zou Jingyuan of the People's Republic of China has established himself as one of the best.  The stylish 24-year-old has made his dominance of the field look effortless as he rocketed to three world titles and Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020 with huge margins. It's not easy, though, and it hasn't always come naturally.Olympic Games fans can buy Paris 2024 Tickets  from our website.

In an exclusive interview with Olympics.com prior to the 2022 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool, England, Zou disclosed.

"I genuinely feel more pressure the more compliments I get about my talent." "The best way to avoid this pressure is to train and then improve myself."

In the qualifying round of the 2019 Worlds in Stuttgart, Zou made an astounding error that disqualified him from the final and prevented him from completing a three-peat performance. But for Zou, situations like that have led to happy times.

"Keep in mind that success is the result of prior failures whenever you talk about it. He declared that there would always be success and failure. "We will continue to take calculated risks and believe we can prevail in competitions. Success and failure will always exist, but this time we were successful because we had faith.

Tokyo 2020 gold medalist: "I can still feel the excitement." After his "failure" at the 2019 Worlds, he competed in the Tokyo 2020 Games, which were held in the summer of 2021. With a victory margin of more than 0.5 points, Zou won the gold medal on parallel bars there, which was the largest in any of the 10 gymnastics apparatus finals. He still recalls the sensation clearly.

"I can still feel the elation I felt at the time. More than that, I'm grateful that my parents and coaches have guided me throughout my gymnastics practise, whether it be for fun or for training "declared Zou.

The athlete said, "Because they allowed me to gradually learn this sport, planted the seed in my heart, and through their cultivation, they enabled me to perform at a high level in competition, they're the reason I was able to accomplish my goals."

His success continued into 2022, a year in which he helped his Chinese team win its first major team title since 2018 thanks to his coaching. Furthermore, they qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024  thanks to their gold medal. He won his third world championship on the parallel bars a few days later.

In the team final in Liverpool, Zou said, "I was just thinking of finishing my routine well and supporting my teammates because we weren't so excellent in the first competition [during qualification]. Olympic Games 2024 fans can buy Paris Olympic  Tickets  from our website.

We didn't exactly hold the mentality that we had to win in the highest regard because as a team, we had lost both at the World Championships and the Olympic Games. Additionally, we didn't feel a lot of pressure from the coaches as a team. I genuinely enjoyed the competition because it gave us more freedom to compete.

In less than two years, at Paris 2024, Zou is hoping that his Chinese team will be able to use that plan to win its first gold medal in the team event since London 2012. He can already feel the pull of history because his career has been so successful up to this point.

The gold medal and being a part of this history, according to Zou, is one of life's greatest honours. Additionally, I want to keep writing history. The feat of defending his title on the parallel bars in Paris has not been achieved on the apparatus since Japan's Kato Sawao won back-to-back championships in 1972 and 1976.

He is conscious of the difficulties in achieving that goal, though.

Everyone wants to win, but in my opinion, the only way to win the audience over is to consistently work toward your objective before giving your best performance, as Zou said. You don't win something just because you want to, so that's how the title would be earned. His goals went beyond the field of play as well.

Like many of my seniors, I intend to keep competing and succeeding. Additionally, by incorporating fresh, innovative elements into my event, I want to keep promoting gymnastics both nationally and internationally, says Zou.

"Changing people's perceptions of gymnastics from something difficult, to inspire more people to participate in gymnastics to preserve their mental and physical well-being."

Whatever happens in Paris, Zou already has an Olympic memory to cherish.

"Athletes from all over the world are [at the Olympic Games] to unite, and they all have a single aim, to achieve good results," is how he described his experience in Tokyo. Most likely, that was the memorable incident.

Sunisa Lee, an Olympic gold medalist, states her objectives for Paris Olympic 2024

The steps required to get there are ones I am aware of.

The Tokyo 2020 individual all-around champion in women's artistic gymnastics stated in a video that she will compete at Auburn before focusing on the following Summer Games. Sunisa Lee wants to live for two decades.

The current American Olympic individual all-around women's gymnastics champion said in a video posted to her social media on Tuesday (15 November) that she would like to try for an unheard-of second gold medal in Paris 2024.

"Today I'm sharing a decision that has weighed on me for a very long time," the 19-year-old Lee continued.

"This will be my last year of competition at Auburn University. I'm excited to let you know that after this season, I'll be returning to competitive gymnastics. I have Paris 2024 in my sights, and I know how to get there.

I'm eager to roll up my sleeves and put in the work, Lee continued. Gymnastics is my passion and something I adore utterly because it pushes me to be the best version of myself every single day.

She's returned: Lee appears Paris 2024

Lee unexpectedly won the individual all-around title in Tokyo 2020 when Simone Bile, her teammate and the current Olympic champion, withdrew from the competition in the middle of the event.

Lee made history for the Hmong American community at the age of just 18. She won the national championship on the balancing beam after deciding to compete in collegiate gymnastics at Auburn University. In the individual all-around competition, she came in second to Trinity Thomas.

She will compete in elite gymnastics the entire season leading up to the Summer Games in 2024. Rebeca Andrade of Brazil won the individual title as the U.S. women's team recently won team gold at the World Championships in Liverpool (their sixth straight victory).

"I have had the good fortune to experience that once-in-a-lifetime feeling and the indescribable thrill when a gold medal is placed around your neck as an athlete,"

Lee said in reference to her desire to visit Paris who has participated in the highest level of competition on the largest stage in the world. But I don't want it to be an isolated incident.

Lee will attempt to become the first woman to win the women's all-around title back-to-back since Czech gymnast Vera Caslavska in 1964 and 1968 if she makes it to Paris and competes in the solo event.

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