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The Forests Have Been Plundered And Killed

52 views |23 June / 2017, Arts & Entertainment/Movies by Jill Clevenger, N/A

It's not often one catches a good movie at the local multiplex where I live. So it was a treat to watch 'A Death in the Gunj', directed by Konkona Sen-Sharma. The script is based on a short story written by ...

Is this the True Identity of Supreme Leader Snoke?

647 views |22 December / 2016, Arts & Entertainment/Movies by My Force, C

There is allot of theories flying around the internet about who Snoke could  really be and where he fits in to the Star Wars series. Names such Darth Maul and even Darth Vader himself have been mentioned as ...

VR, Now at a Theater Near You

56 views |23 March / 2017, Arts & Entertainment/Movies by Binda Shah, C+

Just like how an artist discovers art everywhere, a VR lover discovers ways to pursue his passion and love for VR anywhere. VR recently made an official entry into the R-rated zone. Another big news which is ...

The Perks of Being Independent Filmmakers

380 views |12 May / 2015, Arts & Entertainment/Movies by MichaelDuck, N/A

Filmmaking is bread and butter to most that specialize or aspire to do ...

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