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Eye Care Advice For People Suffering From Diabetes

130 views |13 July / 2017, Health/Vision by Dr. Ashley Pulis, C

High blood sugar severely damages the blood vessels present in your eye over time, resulting in a condition called Diabetes Retinopathy. High blood sugar is also known to cause cataracts and glaucoma. Here a ...

Five Reasons To Have An Eye Exam Now

43 views |6 June / 2017, Health/Vision by Dr. Ashley Pulis, C

There are some health signs that may indicate the immediate need for an eye checkup. Eye examinations are more than vision t ...

Are you Affected by Computer Vision Syndrome?

74 views |15 May / 2017, Health/Vision by Dr. Ashley Pulis, C

Computer Vision Syndrome, also referred to as CVS, is the stress experienced by the eyes due to prolonged use of mobile phones, e-readers, tablets, or computers.If your job demands work with comp ...

New Lens Implants- Say no to Glasses after Cataract Surgery

70 views |12 May / 2017, Health/Vision by garima chavhan, N/A

A cataract is generally a gradual, painless blurring of the natural lens of eye located after the pupil. Because of to the advances in technology and surgical techniques, cataract surgery has almost replaced ...

Purchase Authentic Eyeglasses and Lenses with 100 Precent Money Back

69 views |5 May / 2017, Health/Vision by Jim Kounnas, C

After all, online retailers tend to serve a much wider audience and are able to keep their costs in check as a result. The savings they enjoy can be passed on to customers, which means buyers can obtain high ...

The Right Prescription Lenses for Silhouette Eyeglasses

47 views |3 May / 2017, Health/Vision by Jim Kounnas, C

People who are uncomfortable with heavy eyeglass frames or those that tend to dominate the face may gravitate naturally toward the distinct option Silhouette frames deliver. Lightweight, nearly invisible and ...

Tips to Preserve and Protect Eye Health during Older Age

173 views |2 May / 2017, Health/Vision by Jim Kounnas, C

One of the most common vision problems associated with aging is the development of a condition known as presbyopia. This involves changes to near vision that often prompt people in their 40s or 50s to start ...

Prescription Eyeglasses for Men and Women Online

70 views |21 April / 2017, Health/Vision by Daniel Walters, N/A

Glasses Wearers Everywhere Throughout the United States of America, you will find numerous people wearing glasses or contacts for visual aid. Over 60% of the entire po ...

The Smart Contact Lens Bubble

225 views |6 September / 2016, Health/Vision by Chelsey Francis, N/A

New technology is being created faster and faster these days. The rapid pace of development in the tech sector is changing the world around us in fantastic ways, connecting all aspects of our lives through t ...

Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lens Dangers

218 views |6 September / 2016, Health/Vision by Chelsey Francis, N/A

Those colored contact lenses you bought from your hairdresser might just cost you your eye sight. With San Diego Comic-Con having just passed and Halloween right around the corner, the sale of cosmetic, eye ...

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