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Hope for the Human Condition

188 views |5 May / 2017, Self Improvement/Advice by Renee Poindexter, C

Have you ever been part of something bigger than anything you could accomplish by yourself? Where each runner represents every man, woman, and child connected and unified as one in solidarity. With ...

Preparation, is it Worth the Price

101 views |26 January / 2017, Self Improvement/Advice by Robert Leiker, N/A

The Headline read ”Man found frozen in his car. A victim of last weeks'  blizzard and subzero temperatures.” You are driving in a white out snowstorm, you hit a picture perfe ...

Looking for an Honest Opinion

362 views |28 March / 2015, Self Improvement/Advice by Connie H Deutsch, B+

Looking for an Honest Opinionby Connie H. Deutsch I don't notice your skin getting dry and your jeans look fine to me and they don't make your fanny look fat.  If you think you're overwei ...

Winning an Argument

387 views |4 March / 2015, Self Improvement/Advice by Connie H Deutsch, B+

Winning an Argumentby Connie H. Deutsch I'm an economist by nature.  I don't like spending money foolishly.  I don't like wasting resources.  I don't like wasting time.  And most espec ...

Love and Fairy Dust

371 views |19 January / 2015, Self Improvement/Advice by Connie H Deutsch, B+

Love and Fairy Dust by Connie H. Deutsch For the first several years after I got into metaphysics, it was such a heady feeling to hear myself being referred to as a "lightworker," one who ...

Can Social Media Websites Cause Depression?

762 views |23 September / 2012, Self Improvement/Advice by Robin Tylor, N/A

According to a lot of psychologists, the answer is yes. Studies have shown that there is a new kind of depression that is linked with the usage of social media. It is called the ‘Facebook Depression’. ...

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