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5 Basic Touch-Panel Sensing Ways And Its Uses

73 views |22 April / 2017, Computers/Hardware by Globus Infocom, N/A

Touch panel technologies are a main theme in current digital devices, including smartphones, slate devices for example iPad. The term touch panel comprises of various technologies for sensing the touch of a ...

How to Hire the Best Hardware Maintenance Support Provider?

67 views |19 April / 2017, Computers/Hardware by Duhane Williams, N/A

IT departments across the world are feeling the pressure of dwindling budgets and are looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on efficiency. With this important fact in the background, more and ...

Facebook Open Sources New AI Hardware

347 views |15 December / 2015, Computers/Hardware by Q3 Technologies, C+

Facebook researchers have open-sourced its latest AI server designs to developers in the open source community. Researchers have developed the hardware capable of training neural networks. Designed f ...

Organize And De-Clutter Your Workplace With Ergonomic Office

303 views |30 September / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Brown Harris, D

Furniture is the most important aspect that goes into making a perfect office setup. It adds charm to the existing decor of the office. However, it is important to ensure that the office furniture is ergonom ...

Can DirectX 12 Save Microsoft?

412 views |25 September / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Anita Bern, C-

Let's be frank: Microsoft's status in PC gaming is not really that commendable. Could the newest DirectX 12 perhaps change that? Each version until now has brought something new to the table: this one promis ...

Brother MFC 9440 Toner Cartridges

298 views |28 March / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Astha suppliesGroup, N/A

Brother MFC 9440CN is a colour laser multi-function printer that can print, scan, copy and fax and is ideal for business environment. This fast, compact printer is perfect for businesses that need to print h ...

HP LaserJet Pro CP1025NW Toner Cartridges

306 views |11 April / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Astha suppliesGroup, N/A

Ideally, the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025NW would be a great purchase for someone working from home but the printer does have the flexibility to be set-up in a shared environment if necessary or the business expan ...

Konica Magicolor 2400 Printer Review

306 views |11 April / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Astha suppliesGroup, N/A

Entry level machines are a highly competitive market, with many small businesses, schools and individual users needing a reliable machine to churn out a reasonable amount of work every month. The Konica Magi ...

Advantageous Laptop Holders and Stands

1,262 views |28 March / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Brown Harris, D

It is becoming more and more visible with each passing day that our skeletal health and economic conditions is directly connected with the manner in which we utilize our laptop computers. Also with each day ...

Get Assist in Repairing and Servicing with HP Support Center

302 views |23 January / 2014, Computers/Hardware by Leesa, C-

Technology is the keyword of this generation. This is the secret behind every success and failure story as available in the markets. Computer and laptops are dominating the technical scenario with great prof ...

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