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Best Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills

266 views |25 January / 2016, Business/Presentation by bismil, N/A

Presentation skills are required by experts in any field, be it business leaders, creative’s, conference speakers, salespersons, marketing heads or conference speakers. Key elements of effective pr ...

Digital Printing: Changing the Marketing Landscape Forever

319 views |10 September / 2013, Business/Presentation by Cory, N/A

In the past if you wanted to market your business, product or service you were heavily reliant on television, radio and print marketing techniques. Today, things are changing and there are technologies avail ...

Top 5 Tips For Designing A Brochure To Promote Your Travel Agency

366 views |6 September / 2013, Business/Presentation by Robert Fogarty, C-

The travel industry continues to grow at record speed. Travel for both business and leisure is increasing globally. In order to secure this huge potential customer base, travel agencies need to make sure tha ...

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